Tuesday, December 30, 2003

Mars, Politics and Our Government: Is there a connection?

With all the saber rattling concerning a presidential announcement about the space program, I am wondering if the recent heightened Mars exploration has anything to do with it. Just tally it up: first the loss of the Beagle, the arrival at Mars of ESA's "Express" and then next week our "Spirit" and "Opportunity" arrive on the scene. Not to mention the "Stardust's" pass through the tail of the comet Wild 2. It will pass within 186 miles of the comet's tail on friday of this week. Perhaps not quite close enough to get a jolt of EMF from the beast. All that for a cup of dirt. And then they will tell us that we are evolved from other planets (HA!). Two thirds of all missions to Mars have failed - failed miserably. Oh yeah, there's the Malin stuff - but who trusts them? They've already been caught in one really big lie concerning the "face". What about that poor excuse when they said that some poor slug didn't change the numbers from kilometers to miles. Yeah I sure fell for that one! Actually, as Marshall Masters pointed out, U.S. Space command took over the control of the craft. There is plenty of good evidence to show this without any kind of apology. The Climate Orbitor and the Polar Lander are likely still there and sending back plenty of "proprietary" information, as is the Beagle. Nothing new under the sun folks. BTW, did you know the mission of the ESA's Mars' Express is to study features deep beneath the surface of Mars with radar? Oh I see... they're still looking for water, right? Somehow I don't think so. I have a vision of Martians standing on their porch and waving to the satellite as it passes over head! (It's just a joke folks, don't take it too serious.)

So what is Bush cooking up? My opinion, if you're interested... I think there has always been plenty of evidence that either there was, OR IS life on Mars. And not simply just life, but civilization. I've seen enough to believe. But what I believe is immaterial. Apparently our government (and other governments) has/have enough detail to warrant serious exploration. I would venture or wouldn't be surprised to hear that there is a thriving civilization that lives under ground. I say that, taking in consideration, the history of observing Mars, the Russian attempts and our current fervor. In the sixties the moon race was politically motivated. So does Bush think he can do what Kennedy did to improve patriotism and his ratings. He really doesn't need much more of a boost after the success in Iraq. Or maybe they want to plunder the booty on Mars? Can you image the finds? A public discovery could change a lot, wouldn't it? Can you image waking up tomorrow and on the news a special bulletin - "Proof of a past civilization found on Mars - an abundance of precious metals and libaries full of imformation found." Or, "We've made contact with the first E.T. civilization and they're on Mars! Their history shows that they have been in contact with our ancestors!"

So what about Mars?
What say ye - TMG readers?

Monday, December 29, 2003

Another Lost Mars Probe! Or Is It?

Well... another one lost. What more are they going to ask us to believe? I believe what Marshall Masters found out in an article we posted about the lost Mars Polar Lander (http://www.tmgnow.com/repository/mars/mars3.html). The word is "hijacked", not lost. And what if tomorrow it shows up? Will you believe them? I won't. What do you think? I am interested.

Friday, December 19, 2003

The Beginning of Another Search

This is the beginning of a new chapter of The Millennium Group. We hope that this discussion forum is utilized by both critics and supporters of our cause. We invite all to join in to this endeavor. We will approach all subjects related to the questioning of an old and dying apostate paradigm and the renewal and restoration of the truth. Uniformitarianism is the dogma and tool of the same old common enemy that has been known since before the creation of the earth. To see some of the beliefs and standards of the people behind this BLOG, please visit http://www.tmgnow.com

May the watch begin!