Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Why I am Voting Against Barak Obama

I know. You're wondering why I am talking about politics on this blog about astronomy, UFOs, aliens and other such stuff? Well... Let me explain.

This election will affect all of us. Not just Wall Street. Not just Joe America, but all of us. Even us way out on the fringe's edge! I'm sure that some would have you believe that myself and others from THE MILLENNIUM GROUP have no values, not even any morals, and not any beliefs. That's just not true. (In the next few months, you'll find out that I am very unlike the usual fringe writer. The new website is soon to be launched and I think if you are a regular reader you will be happily surprised at what I have for you).

First, let me speak personally. I believe that to disagree, is alright. You can feel free to disagree with me. But I also feel it's alright, and even my legal right if not obligation to express my opinion. If you disagree with me, as long as it is civil, I will post it and I won't call you names!

I'm voting against Obama because of his voting record and thus his stance about abortion. This is very wrong and in my belief is even evil. He has supported legislation that says that it is alright for an abortionist to kill a newborn after he has induced labor, if that baby is alive out of the mother's womb. Here's a quote from Michael Gerson of the Washington Post on Obama's stand:

"Obama's record on abortion is extreme. He opposed the ban on partial-birth abortion -- a practice a fellow Democrat, the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan, once called "too close to infanticide." Obama strongly criticized the Supreme Court decision upholding the partial-birth ban. In the Illinois state Senate, he opposed a bill similar to the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act, which prevents the killing of infants mistakenly left alive by abortion. And now Obama has oddly claimed that he would not want his daughters to be "punished with a baby" because of a crisis pregnancy -- hardly a welcoming attitude toward new life."

And in this next quote Gerson speaks of another popular senator's position:
When Democratic Sen. Barbara Boxer was pressed to affirm that she opposed the medical killing of children after birth, she refused to commit, saying that children deserve legal protection only "when you bring your baby home." It was unclear whether this included the car trip."

That reason is the reason why I'm voting against Obama.

Now to the issues that probably concern you and me. I have this idea that many who call themselves, or think of themselves as, "Liberal", honestly believe that if a Liberal Democrat is in theWhite house that there will be more disclosure. Well, the sad fact of the issue is that we have had Liberal Democrats in the White house, and here we are. Not much better than we were 10, 20, or 50 year ago. There was admittedly some limited help from the Freedom of Information Act, but the greatest leap that we have made in understanding this issue has been from persistent researchers. Even the Freedom of Information Act was very controlled and if there weren't people like fifteen year old John Greenewald jr. we would never know the things that we do know.

So if you're expecting Obama to suddenly come out and say "here's what we know about the UFO/alien issue", you're very lost in this world. which brings me to another reason I'm not voting for him. This last month money has been tight around my household. I started looking for ways to cut back of course, like any sensible person might do. I looked at my paycheck stub first. Have you done this lately? I can't believe how much gets taken out of my hard earned bucks! Then I took a look at my utility bills. WOW! I can't believe the taxes and fees that every stinking one of tack on to the bill. It's not just paying for the service anymore. Than in our little Southern California town, they want to pass another add on to the local utility bills to pay for the city council's past poor budget handling. This is why I can't vote for Obama. Today he told a plumber that he wants to "redistribute wealth".

I am tired of government involved in my life and taking away what I myself have earned. Am I concerned about the poor? Of course I am. In fact I gave more to charity over the last ten years than Biden and Obama did together. I'm not bragging... well I guess I am. Please forgive me. But I'm not really all that wealthy, not like those two guys are. But the point is - LESS GOVERNMENT, NOT MORE! More government means more control not less. More government control means less info on the subject at hand. Does that mean that McCain will be more forthcoming? What do you think? At least there's a better chance at less government and not more.

So this election does concern us interested in this issue. Someone please ask these candidates if they will be more forthcoming on this issue! See you soon!

Remember... the new site is coming!

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Monday, October 06, 2008

Is It Time For Something New?

Well... I was really upset when Mysterious Universe left the air. Benjamin Grundy was great with his Ozzie accent and he kept everything new and fresh. I don't know for sure what happened. My guess is that he just got overwhelmed. It's a lot of work to keep up a site without help. I have some experience at that. I have had many contributors and some wonderful people that put forth their ideas. But in the end, I was responsible for orchestrating the whole thing. I had to learn the code for developing the web page and continue to write for the page.

And then when Kent Steadman left the earth I was very upset. Kent and I used to post things back and forth, in support of each other. He had a great site and did some heavy duty posting.

I try to keep up with some of the other folks that have interest in the same areas. I listen to Whitley Strieber's podcasts. Whitley was really quite kind to us back in the late 90's. He hosted our group on Art Bell when we were posting about the Orca.

While I have my differences with all of these fellows, I still believe they all have important contributions to make. I have my own ideas and beliefs. I think that it is very important to show respect to each other in this field. I know one post that one of our writers did, got Richard Hoagland upset at me. While I respect all of these fellows, I still believe that it's alright to have differing points of view. Else how would we ever arrive at any answers? Again, all of these folks have invaluable contributions to make to the field.

So I guess it's time to renew. I have been working very hard on renewing the TMG website and adding some very interesting items. There will be a brand new podcast. A new hard copy newsletter. And the site will have an entirely new look. I think it looks pretty darn good. But that's me... I did the developing!

The unveiling? I'm working on it. It won't be too long. Please be patient. And if you have any things you would like to especially see, please let me know. I surely appreciate all that our readers have done for us. Thank you. I hope you will come along for the ride!

Watch for the grand opening!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Open Letter to Rush Limbaugh, Al Gore and America

I was listening to Rush Limbaugh today and he was going off about Global Warming. It's one of his pet peeves. He was citing an article about rangers on the east coast telling people they can't have beach camp fires because they contribute to global warming! Can you believe this crap? We have all kinds of drugs in our water; we have rgbh in our milk and meat from Monsanto and they know it causes cancer and infertility. Monsanto is using eColi to genetically rearrange the genetics of soy and every product they think they can control (by the way, eColi is the predominant bacteria in our feces!). Midwesterners raise corn that is genetically modified and they can't even eat the very corn they raise! It has to be processed and manipulated over and over into every product available to man. And when it's processed to hell, it's hard to find a product that it isn't in! Try finding a product on your shelf that doesn't have a corn byproduct in it (seekingcorn.com), I dare you. Then the cattle are locked up in tight little pens and fed this corn until their sick. You see... cows weren't meant to be fed just corn. They were meant to be in the pasture, eating grass. So when you see that advertisement for "corn fed beef", remember that the last few weeks or month of that animal's life, he was sick. Corn causes something like blisters in one of their stomachs. Then they're butchered and fed to us. You see it usually takes about two years for a cow to mature normally before it's ready to be butchered. By penning them up in a tiny space, shooting them up with hormones and rgbh they get them to maturity in one year. So "corn fed" isn't really that good.

And today here--- gas is nearly $5. So the next time you eat a steak or a hamburger, think about what you're eating. The next time you drink a glass of water, think about the drugs you're getting that you don't really need. And no matter what you eat, take a look at the ingredients. I bet you can't find something without corn in it - genetically modified corn. Meanwhile the liberals won't let us drill for our own oil. America is said to have richer oil fields than any other country in the world. Know what it's going to do to the cost of EVERYTHING? that's right! To the moon!

Global Warming? Why are we so worried about global warming??? Why the attention to it? Global Warming is a lie! See the links to the left. Mankind has been made to be slaves and we don't even know it. Global warming is just another ploy to continue the enslavement. Soon there will be added taxes on everything. "You can't build that house without paying the Global Warming assessment". There's already several taxes on gasoline, guess what - here comes one more. Out here in Southern California I'm hearing that they're already adding a Global Warming tax to our utilities. No vote, no questioning, no nothing! Freedom and liberty is a thing of the past. We are chained to the greatest conspiracy of the world's history.

The other day I was thinking about all of the taxes and fees that we pay. When I get my paycheck, I pay federal taxes, social security taxes, states taxes, I pay for Health insurance that's out of control and I rarely use. When I buy gas I pay several taxes.When I go to the store to buy food, I pay taxes. When I drive down the road I pay fees and taxes. Those taxes don't even go to fixing the roads most of the time! I watch television I pay taxes. I get water for my home and I pay taxes. I get natural gas and electricity for my house, I pay taxes and fees. If I can afford to go out to dinner, I pay taxes. I go to a movie and I pay taxes. I make a call on my cell phone or on my land line, I pay taxes and allkind's of fees. It's hard to find something that is without taxes or fees. Our fore fathers would be ashamed of us. Let's revisit the preamble to our Declaration of Independence:

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils aresuffer able, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpation's, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security."

What is our duty? To throw off despotism!

Why is Al Gore so invested in a cause that no one can really control?

Maybe it's because he's tied into the greater conspiracy. The one that controls the citizens of America. Is this possible? Is there really a conspiracy to control Americans? To use them like cattle, fenced in like livestock? Using their productivity for their own benefit? If there is someone like this, who is it? The super rich? Who is it? Is there one great explanation for this?

In the near future I will post on The Millennium Group one or more articles with my ideas concerning this issue. I would like your input. tell me what you think? I want you to know that my position includes all of the issues that wehave covered on the TMG site. Your opinion is important to me. Thank you for reading.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

What Has Phobos Wrought

This post is dedicated to Kent Steadman and to his website Orbit.

October 25, 2007 was an amazing day in the annals of astronomy. "Comet" Holmes had exploded with such a gigantic force it seemed to defy all laws of physics that had hitherto been discovered. .......or so it seemed.

Subsequent analysis showed that things there were simpler than first realized. Instead of exotic explanations like black holes or novas(redefinition required?). A more conventional, albeit fantastic, explanation shows that "comet" Holmes is a planet of about 40,000 miles average diameter.

It has a super volcano(about 4 times the size of Olympus Mons on Mars) that erupted with such force it hurled a huge amount of magnesium containing materrial into space which formed a cloud of particles around the body.

This cloud expanded in size until it was 4 times the actual diameter of the sun. You can read the details of Holmes on previous posts of our blog. Kent Steadman's site Orbit has a much more extensive set of PHOTOS and BLOGS on this object we now call Holmes/Tiamat.

We owe much to Kent for calling attention to Holmes and its implications for us all. Throughout it all, we have been amazed at the various facts that have emerged about this body. It is now the largest object in the solar system and quite possibly the beginning of a new star. It rotates every 45 days as shown by the new outbursts. The sun rotates every 28 days by comparison. Its microwave and infrared emissions seem to be increasing slowly in power with occasionalxray outbursts in evidence. The visible magnitude seems stable even though it is receding from us. This suggests the periodic outbursts of the volcano are adding material to the atmosphere and strong magnetic field of the object and that its visible magnitude is increasing slowly as well.

Kent's site has published a wealth of information about the incredible events that have taken place just a short distance from us (relatively speaking)-in the asteroid belt of our solar system. While we have been greatly surprised by all of these things, still one more mystery tugged at our minds.

The body Tiamat occupied our major attention until we came up with a viable explanation for its true character. Now, our focus turned to the mystery object seen soon after the explosion on Tiamat. There were 2 photos of this thing, an asteroid-like body, moving away from "comet" Holmes/Tiamat. The size of the object made it difficult to interpret its speed and direction. what we realized was that it increased in size so rapidly that it's velocity was in the range of HUNDREDS OF MILES PER SECOND to account for this. In turn, this meant that the object was moving almost directly at us which seemed a very strange circumstance indeed.

Now we have an asteroid size body moving at solar wind speeds which suggested a technological means of propulsion since it was evident the object was not an asteroid. It seemed to be our old friend Phobos again since its the only thing we here at TMG know of that can move that fast. The color was the same as the object near the moon in our article "The Four Horsemen". A close look at the photos seems to show a squarish pattern which is also in the photo closeup of the same image in our paper above.

Now we have to ask-what was Phobos doing at Holmes/Tiamat? My biggest question concerning this body has been in the timing of the event(the explosion) and what started or triggered it? "Why now?" I have been asking myself. Phobos triggered this eruption but precisely how is somewhat in the realm of guesswork. However, we have a precedent for this eruption. Remember SL9 back in July, 1994? Those were also volcanic eruptions-see the article written by Alexy Demitriv which updates the SL9 paper we have on the site. Alexy, the Russian Physicist wrote of the events in which smaller asteroid size bodies(2 miles long) with high electrical charges that caused spectacular eruptions on Jupiter. Whether this occurs by design or by the natural order of things remains to be seen. We would suggest by design-see Phobos and the Sumatra Earthquake relationship.

Now we watch the weather more closely. Is it outside the box? Is it global warming? Other questions to ask:
1. Does the 500+ % increase in active volcanoes seem to account for this same warming?
2. What of the huge increase in numbers and magnitudes of earthquakes all over the planet in just the last 2 years-over and above the already higher numbers of such events since 1971?
3. What about the 10 minute constant light emanating from the lightning strikes that have been witnessed by some?
4. What about those huge hail and ice falls(1 ton in some cases)?
5. What about the sun without any sunspots as much as with a few during the past year?
6. While we are at it, can we fix the other planets as well as the earth since the same problems seem to afflict them also? The times and timing are strange.

And now, what has Phobos wrought?

Ray Ward

Saturday, March 08, 2008

December 11th 11:11 P.M., 2012 Pack Your Bags!

On December 11th, 2012 at exactly 11:11 winter solstice will begin. The question is, will other things happen as well? Carved into the wall of the Temple of Inscriptions atPalenque, the famous calendar shows that it completes its thirteenth b'ak'tun cycle. It is believed that this cycle represents the Mayan belief that this creation passes into the next existence. This will be the end of a 5,125 solar years. Where they got this idea is of course up for debate.

One theorist believes that the Maya were told this by Orions from the Pleiades. He states that the priests had contact with the Orions via rituals conducted by shamans. BTW, the Orions or Pleiadians are the same aliens that visit Billy Meier - so he claims.

The Bible Code claims that an asteroid or comet will hit the earth and nearly destroy it.

Nostradamus, some say, claims that a comet will hit the earth allowing an Antichrist to free his army and bring great destruction to the earth.

Yet another theorist claims that the earth's magnetic field will reverse causing destruction in this manner. You guess as to the results of a magnetic reversal.

There are others yet that believe that the center of the galaxy will spit out a great light enlightening all of mankind. Not quite sure how this would work, but it sounds scary to me. Other theories propound that the earth will suffer great natural calamities, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, electrical storms, and volcano eruptions.

On the other hand, maybe nothing will happen. Maybe it's already happening.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Satellite DANGER!

While many are lauding the shooting down of a crippled satellite by a US missile, we have to wonder... where the heck is the debris? There haven't been any reports of it falling to the earth. Another interesting thing is that first reports stated that the satellite was in the 5000 pounds range. Now I have heard that they are calling it 20,000 pounds. What's up?

Falling satellites is really nothing new. They seem to come down just about every few weeks. So why's this one so important? Was it really hydrazine that they wanted to keep away from the population? Or was it something more? Can we all say RADIOACTIVITY? That's just one possibility. I tend to go with something a little more on the edge (of course!); perhaps they weren't shooting at a bad satellite. Maybe they were shooting at something else. Why would they be willing to spend $60 million dollars of our taxes?

Was it just practice? I hardly believe so. I believe that there's an ongoing situation occurring in local space. It probably started in 1954 or before when Eisenhower met with aliens on the tarmac at Edward's. But in the last few years we've sent an old man - John Glenn, up there to do some negotiation and we've been regularly sending missiles up over the Pacific to show our strength. And how could we forget the shooting down of Columbia in 2003. Don't believe it was shot down?
Read this (CLICK HERE).

So are we really going to believe that they were trying to shoot down a malfunctioning satellite? Not me. Just give it some thought. Our government has tried to make deals with the Greys, they don't make deals. We've had some very limited success at shooting them down (remember that event called Roswell?). There are other examples. How is it possible that we keep denying this relationship? Should we call it a "love-hate" relationship? It always comes down to one thing - power. We obviously don't have the power in this relationship. We have the pride and the false sense of control. I don't know what you call those kind of people in your life, but I call them "LOSERS".

What will save us?

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tuesday Is Soylent Green Day

I love "Post-Apocalyptic" movies. Soylent Green has to stand out as one of the best. I think what I like so much about it, is that it not only shows a possible world of the future, but it tries to show the ignorance of people in that world.

I have to ask myself, "Is this really reality?" This world that we see on television? In the papers? All around us? I'm sure if you're reading this, you're not much different than me. You likely have a job. You try to pay your bills on time, you pay your taxes, and you try and keep your family safe and comfortable. You get home from work every day, you're tired, but you do a few chores around the house, eat some dinner and plunk yourself down for an evening of television. You watch the news, and wonder why you watch it. You see the world getting sicker and sicker. More shootings, higher gas prices, and another award show interfering with your favorite show. Pretty run of the mill life. Just trying to get through to the next day, the next week and the next year. Hoping for a raise, a break, or just a better life somehow. So again... I ask... is this really reality?

Now the "good" news. Monsanto is still cheating farmers and poisoning our food with eColi engineered soy and other vegetables. Our meat is filled with antibiotics and hormones. Health insurance won't cover any serious treatment that you may need. Yet you pay double what you did a few years ago. And mortgage companies that are trying every trick possible to get into your pocket and put you in chains. Then we have a choice: McCain or Obama. What a choice. An old cantankerous fart that can't decide on anything or an untested loud mouth that likes to hear himself holler. What a choice! Is this reality?

Or is reality something else? Is reality an alien invasion? Is reality a government that is treating us like a herd of cattle? MK Ultra, abductions and the like. Maybe it's some of all of this. I tend to believe that reality is something that none of us are really aware of. That when that day comes that our eyes are open, we will say to each other, that "I couldn't even have guessed!" The usage of other humans for profit and advantage is nothing new. It has just gotten a bit more slick and covert. How deep does the rabbit hole go? When will people start rebelling?

We've heard about covert plans by the government to round up people during a disaster. FEMA supposedly has the manpower and the means to do so. Maybe during a fake disaster, like an alien invasion. Then there's the folks that say that the government is in cahoots with the aliens, Eisenhower meeting with aliens on the tarmac at Edward's Air Base. And I just read a very convincing article by Martin Cannon called The Controllers (it's online, just google it), about the measures that the U.S. Governement has taken to control certain "citizens". Drugs, implants, and hypnotism.

Personally? I do believe in extra-terrestrials, alien abduction, under ground bases, I believe that the governement is in cahoots with aliens, and I believe that the government would stop at nothing to control certain people. It just cannot go on like this very much longer. That's why I also believe that there's a God above, A Creator that will soon step in and stop the cruelty and evil.

Is my reality mental illness? Am I really crazy? What ever that means (and by the way, it's my profession to diagnose others as crazy or not!), there are surely some realities out there that are not reality. But I must think that I am not one of those. I would love to hear your opinion. I am open to your ideas. Just don't make me eat the green wafers.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

What The Heck???

There I was. Eating lunch at the park. It was a sack lunch, the usual, a sandwich, chips and some other little snacks. There was yet another protest going on across the square. I wasn't even really paying attention to what they were protesting. There was some yelling, chanting some political thing. There were a few cops around. The mounted cops looked bored; their horses chewing there cud and the cops chatting. No one seemed really all that interested.

I took a second bite out of my chicken sandwich and noticed a some kind've bug flying around the tree beside the bench I was sitting on. I noticed that it was a dragonfly. I took special note, because dragonflies are my favorite. They come in such beautiful colors, they fly like nothing else and they seem very intelligent. They're cool! But this one looked funny for some reason. It didn't fly like any dragonfly I had ever seen. It seemed to fly real smooth and even. The dragonflies that I had always seen jerked this way and that way, like they were looking for prey or looking for a fight with another dragonfly. This one would fly a few feet and hover in one spot for what seemed like a long time. I couldn't figure out what it was doing.

The guy sitting at the other end of the bench saw me watching the dragonfly. I could tell that he was curious as to what I found so interesting about this bug. Suddenly it flew pretty close to him and he reached out and took a swat at it! I was shocked that he was able to actually hit it. There's no way you can even ever get close to a dragonfly, unless he's sick or something. They're just too smart. This one hit the ground and buzzed a few seconds and went dead as a doornail!There it lay between us on the ground. We looked at each other and then at the dragonfly in surprise. We almost knocked heads as we went down to the ground to get a closer look.

I couldn't believe what I was seeing. this wasn't at all a dragonfly. It was't even a bug. It was mechanical! You could see the man made wings and body and the electronics. Yes it was tiny, but it was a machine! As we inspected it, I could see on the underside that it hadsomething that was surely a lens. It was so small it was almost indefinable. But it was there. We both shot our heads up quickly, looking for the owner of this cool little flying machine! Surely there's some geeky guy standing around holding one of those hand controls with the toggle switches. But there was no one. It then became very creepy. What the heck was going on here? Who was controlling this thing. I was afraid to bring it home. I did some research on the Internet and was shocked at all of the things I saw. These kind of clandestine devices have been around for years. They are used to fool and spy on folks. I would have never have noticed it if it hadn't been for my interest in dragonflies. And I would have never had a second thought if that other guy hadn't knocked it down!

I still wonder... who was controlling it. And what were they looking at? Was it the protesters across the square, was it the guy sitting on the bench with me. Or maybe it was me???

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Can We Still Trust America?

What the heck is going on here?

Tonight I sat down for a nice Sunday dinner with my family. I cooked a brisket all day until it was tender and mouth watering. Not unlike most Americans, I sat down in front of the television with a plate of sliced brisket, ready to dig in. Then on the television came the story. Maybe you saw it where ever you live. Some beef company in Chino California has the biggest beef recall in the history of the country. Apparently they got greedy and were using cattle that were sick and not meeting standards. About a week ago there was a story on this very same plant that showed the workers abusing the cattle, using forklifts to push them around, using water spray, kicking and hitting them and really, any means necessary to get them into the killing stall. It was sickening.

I lost my appetite. Now I'm a meat eater, not a vegetarian. Nothing against the veggies out there, but I do have a soft spot for animals in my heart. Let's don't even go there, I'm not going to argue with you about using animals for food. The fact of the matter is, that getting it done, can be done humanely. My point, that I'm so very slowly getting to, is who can we trust anymore? You can't trust the beef industry, you can't trust the pig farmers, poultry farmers, nor can we trust Monsanto and the vegetables that we eat. Just this last year we've had a number of Ecoli breakouts from good old leafy green vegetables. Did you know that Monsanto uses Ecoli to modify the genes of soy and other food plants? All of a sudden soy doesn't sound so healthy or tasty does it? Afterall, Ecoli is predominantly found in feces.

So the food resources are trash. What about the pharmaceutical corporations? What do you think they're putting in your meds? And then there's the healthcare industry - what a joke it is. It's an oxymoron to call it the Healthcare Industry! If you have health insurance have you tried to use it lately? What about the fuel supply - fossil fuels, etc.. What's going on there, with the price at the pump? Why don't we have alternative fuels now?

When you start thinking about all of these things, you begin to believe that it can all be marked down to greed. Sure it's greed. But I think that somewhere, someone is more greedy than we have never realized. At first, one might be tempted to think that it's the beef company, the other food companies, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, car and oil companies, and all the rest. Maybe you think that capitalism has gotten carried away with itself. The American way... you know?

No, I think that it's more than that.

My experience with a "brain cloud" tells me that WE are the cattle. WE are the product. WE as the human race are being pacified, allowed to own a home, a car and have the illusion of freedom and liberty, when we really have no such thing! WE are a crawling mass of slaves, producing the GNP and taxes at the cost of real honest liberty. I tend to agree with Stephen Greer, from the Disclosure Project. I saw him recently at a talk in Hunignton Beach. He stated that there is no reason that we couldn't be 50 years ahead of where we are now, technologically speaking. I have no doubt that we could have cures for cancer, clean fuel, most of our social ills cured and on and on.

But why? Why do we not have these accomplishments on record? Why would we be kept as slaves and cattle? Honestly I don't know. I do have some ideas about it. Is there a clandestine group of super rich people shaping and controlling our world? Is there a contract between our government and evil extraterrestrials? I don't really think that our government has the resources to do all of this on its own. But I do think that certain people in the government do know these facts.

What are your feelings and thoughts about this?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stephenville UFOs

You have to wonder what's going on with these Texas sightings. First, the geometric shapes of the larger ship is remarkably like the previous Phoenix and New Jersey sightings. These ships are very similar to the cubes that we have been reporting on TMG. One of our reports shows the ships over the site of a G8 meeting. In fact we have been seeing them over G8 meetings for about four years now. This makes sense when you realize that they always choose some isolated place and keep people back for miles from the meeting sights. And support staff is kept to a very minimum. We have also seen them over Canada a couple years ago when the Pope made a visit there, over NATO headquarters and the U.N. at differnet times. And now they are showing up over Texas only a few miles from Bush's Ranch. Today Bush is going to Africa. Is anyone seeing connections here but me? I was first suspicious when an old man named John Glen (of astronaut fame) was allowed to go up in the shuttle. Of course the meeting probably failed as a later shuttle was shot out of the sky and was scattered all over the Midwest. Of course we keep trying to shoot targets down over the Pacific. But wait there's more! Now we're going to allow th emilitary to shoot down a rogue satellite? Of course the cover story is that the satellite carries a payload similar to Cassini; the Saturn satellite that everyone was so upset about when it was blasted off Cape Canaveral.

It sounds to me like we have been trying to negotiate with them, but it fails and we try again and then we try to shoot at them and so forth. We know of course that the Government has a relationship with these creatures. The nature of that relationship? Every body's got a guess. What's your's? I tend to think that the relationship is by and large based on the demeanor of these aliens which I believe is due to their makeup or creation. Their cognitive interactions are strange to us and their focus and goals are... well... alien to us! I think that the greys are representatives of what we have called Lucifer. There are others of course that are not from that source. But I have no doubts that our government has made a deal with the devil - so to speak. Or has at least tried to. How do you make a deal with the devil anyway??? You don't, do you? But are these ships from the Greys or other beings? I'm open here folks. Give me some input.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where's The Info?

Back in the days of Hale Bopp we complained, kicked and screamed about getting images from the HST. Even years after Hale Bopp's passing there are still few images of the comet from the HST. We know from a very reliable source, that extensive high definition and even video images were taken of the comet. The number of images is in the neighborhood of hundreds of thousands! So where are they? My guess is that they are in the same place as the results of 2007wd5 passing Mars recently and Holmes occulting Algol. We have scoured the internet and hit on all of our resources... Yet the results and research of these events are absent. Can't find 'em, nada, zippo, UNSPOKEN. Oh maybe we have just not looked in the right places. Maybe we just don't know what we're doin'. But of course the recent passing of asteroid Tu24 didn't raise nearly as much interest as that of the Eukanuba Dog Show or the local news pollen count.

So where's the beef? where's the info, the research, the images???? Have you seen anything out there? If you've seen my lost dog, would you please let me know? I have a sneaking suspicion where he's hiding.

When the party's over, when the game winds down, I think we will be totally shocked at the extent of the coverup. I know, I know... more conspiracy crap. But as they say, "If they're really chasing you, then it's not just paranoia." Or the other sickenly repeated saying, "If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it has a beak like a duck, well..." Whatever! Get the idea folks! We are slaves in this country to a tyrant. The name and nature of that tyrant isn't George Bush. Don't be so ignorant. He's pawn not much higher on the food chain than us. So mull that over and please let me know if you see any pics or info on the above events. These events were incredibly important and fantastic events. I would even say historical. Why should the information remain proprietary? Seriously ask yourself this question please. Thanks.

Friday, January 04, 2008


"Unlike an Earth impact, we're not afraid, but we're excited." These were the words of another JPL scientist. I remember when SL9 hit Jupiter, a number of JPL scientists sat around a small monitor screen and toasted with champagne after the hit. I was impressed by their lack of reverence at the incredible catastrophe that occurred. We are now looking forward to another possible hit in our solar system. "Astronomers" report that on January 30th asteroid 2007 WD5 will have a good chance of hitting Mars somewhere along its equator. Of course their prediction started out at a 1 in 350 chance. It then went to 1 in 75 and is now better than 1 in 30. Actually, a pretty good chance. The JPL scientist above also stated in the same article that they expected that the odds would get less or worse after a month or so of observation. Well... I guess he was wrong. They report that its speed is 8 miles per second and that it's about 160 feet across in size. Some reports state that this is about the size of the object that hit Tunguska Russia and blew down about a 100 million trees over a 800 square mile area. That one is still open to debate as to the cause. Everybody has their speculations.

I have a few questions and a statement or two about this. First, where did it come from? You know we just had Comet Holmes pass through our part of the solar system. I think it's pretty funny that most scientist run tail between their legs when the idea of catastrophism comes up or any idea related to this issue. Regardless, I must ask (rhetorically), is this asteroid a product of Holmes? Is it a chunk blown off by obvious volcanic activity on Holmes? (I can hear the gasps from the scientists in the back row). However, Comet Holmes has been a very electrically active comet. It has affected our weather and geological activity here on Earth quite strongly. Trajectory and speed aside this asteroid could be a child of Comet Holmes. If from the body of the comet directly or from a possible collision, or from an EMF reaction, it is likely related to Holmes.

Let me add one interesting finding to this puzzle: The asteroid 2007 WD5 crossed over the same exact spot in the sky that Hyakutake and Hale Bopp did. That spot was the star Algol in the constellation Perseus. Hyakutake passed over the area on April 11, 1996 and Hale Bopp passed over it on April 11th, one year later. Perseus was the Greek god that slew Medusa and is carrying her head at his side. Algol is the eye of the Medusa head. Be careful looking at the eyes of the head, you'll turn to stone. At least that was the myth! Is there any significance to this passing? You tell me. Will this asteroid hit the god of war, Mars? Looks as though it very well might. Another coincidence is that the Comet Holmes' orbit is 6.9 years and Algol's period is 69 hours ("time and times and a half" from now until 2014). So are Hyakutake, Hale Bopp and Holmes all related? Are they the same, or from the same body? Sounds nuts huh? I'm not thinking that it's nuts so much anymore. Just look at how close to the ecliptic they all came in their angle of attack, etc.. when you start looking at the numbers, you start thinking all kinds of weird thoughts! Scientists... They look at a lot of numbers don't they?

An early spectroscopic study found no known elements. One later study only found Magnesium. Magnesium is the basis for Olivine. Halebopp was olivine rich. Olivine is only found on earth at the base of volcanoes. Another reason that this comet Holmes may be related to Hale Bopp including the volcanic activity that we have seen on Holmes. Are Holmes and Hale Bopp related???? Uh oh, getting too close to that catastrophe stuff again. I hear the moans from the back row again.

Just one more thought. Comet Boethin is now missing. Does this have anything to do with this issue? Just that Deep Impact must now find another target. But again, catastrophe is a way of life. Things change. Sometimes rapidly, and we just don't know everything, as the status quo scientists would like us to believe.