Saturday, February 16, 2008

Stephenville UFOs

You have to wonder what's going on with these Texas sightings. First, the geometric shapes of the larger ship is remarkably like the previous Phoenix and New Jersey sightings. These ships are very similar to the cubes that we have been reporting on TMG. One of our reports shows the ships over the site of a G8 meeting. In fact we have been seeing them over G8 meetings for about four years now. This makes sense when you realize that they always choose some isolated place and keep people back for miles from the meeting sights. And support staff is kept to a very minimum. We have also seen them over Canada a couple years ago when the Pope made a visit there, over NATO headquarters and the U.N. at differnet times. And now they are showing up over Texas only a few miles from Bush's Ranch. Today Bush is going to Africa. Is anyone seeing connections here but me? I was first suspicious when an old man named John Glen (of astronaut fame) was allowed to go up in the shuttle. Of course the meeting probably failed as a later shuttle was shot out of the sky and was scattered all over the Midwest. Of course we keep trying to shoot targets down over the Pacific. But wait there's more! Now we're going to allow th emilitary to shoot down a rogue satellite? Of course the cover story is that the satellite carries a payload similar to Cassini; the Saturn satellite that everyone was so upset about when it was blasted off Cape Canaveral.

It sounds to me like we have been trying to negotiate with them, but it fails and we try again and then we try to shoot at them and so forth. We know of course that the Government has a relationship with these creatures. The nature of that relationship? Every body's got a guess. What's your's? I tend to think that the relationship is by and large based on the demeanor of these aliens which I believe is due to their makeup or creation. Their cognitive interactions are strange to us and their focus and goals are... well... alien to us! I think that the greys are representatives of what we have called Lucifer. There are others of course that are not from that source. But I have no doubts that our government has made a deal with the devil - so to speak. Or has at least tried to. How do you make a deal with the devil anyway??? You don't, do you? But are these ships from the Greys or other beings? I'm open here folks. Give me some input.

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