Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Where's The Info?

Back in the days of Hale Bopp we complained, kicked and screamed about getting images from the HST. Even years after Hale Bopp's passing there are still few images of the comet from the HST. We know from a very reliable source, that extensive high definition and even video images were taken of the comet. The number of images is in the neighborhood of hundreds of thousands! So where are they? My guess is that they are in the same place as the results of 2007wd5 passing Mars recently and Holmes occulting Algol. We have scoured the internet and hit on all of our resources... Yet the results and research of these events are absent. Can't find 'em, nada, zippo, UNSPOKEN. Oh maybe we have just not looked in the right places. Maybe we just don't know what we're doin'. But of course the recent passing of asteroid Tu24 didn't raise nearly as much interest as that of the Eukanuba Dog Show or the local news pollen count.

So where's the beef? where's the info, the research, the images???? Have you seen anything out there? If you've seen my lost dog, would you please let me know? I have a sneaking suspicion where he's hiding.

When the party's over, when the game winds down, I think we will be totally shocked at the extent of the coverup. I know, I know... more conspiracy crap. But as they say, "If they're really chasing you, then it's not just paranoia." Or the other sickenly repeated saying, "If it walks like a duck, if it quacks like a duck, if it has a beak like a duck, well..." Whatever! Get the idea folks! We are slaves in this country to a tyrant. The name and nature of that tyrant isn't George Bush. Don't be so ignorant. He's pawn not much higher on the food chain than us. So mull that over and please let me know if you see any pics or info on the above events. These events were incredibly important and fantastic events. I would even say historical. Why should the information remain proprietary? Seriously ask yourself this question please. Thanks.

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