Friday, December 31, 2004

Softening Up The Target

Well they're at it again. These are the words of the story as we read them:

Whew! Asteroid Won't Hit Earth in 2029, Scientists Now Say
"The world can exhale a collective sigh of relief. A newfound asteroid tagged with the highest warning level ever issued will not strike Earth, scientists said Monday.
The giant space rock, named 2004 MN4, was said on Dec. 23 to have an outside shot at hitting the planet on April 13, 2029. The odds climbed as high as 1-in-37, or 2.7 percent, on Monday, Dec. 27.
Researchers had flagged the object as one to monitor very carefully. It was the first asteroid to be ranked 4 on the Torino Scale, a Richter-like measure for potentially threatening space rocks. The asteroid is about a quarter mile (400 meters) wide, large enough to cause considerable local or regional damage were it to hit the planet."

And of course a very familiar name in the game was quoted:
"'An Earth impact on April 13, 2029 can now be ruled out,' read a statement issued Monday evening by asteroid experts Don Yeomans, Steve Chesley and Paul Chodas at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory."

Isn't it interesting how these stories pop up every once in awhile? I say this because our planet exists in a literal sea of potentially dangerous objects. They say that less than a single MacDonald's staff are looking for these impactors. You need to understand that this is a purely uniformitarian idiom. They always play the odds and they never really believe that great disasters or conflagration is anywhere near a possibility. This is why the destruction from the tsunami is a real learning experience for the uniformitarians. It's why there were no warning systems present in the region. And that's why they must accept some real responsibility for the deaths.

So the statement that this single asteroid, 25 years from now, will not hit the earth is ludicrous.

We do not live in a safe place in the universe. I say this regardless of how many years we have lived without major destruction from space.

Disasters are real. We has a society believe that we can control these events that are impossible to control. Our paradigm is corrupted by our pride. There is another way to deal with these possibilities. Accepting chaos is difficult, however accepting it and viewing these possibilities from a catastrophist's point of view can provide understanding, improved priorities, and in the end... peace.

Sunday, December 26, 2004

Two Earthquakes, One Causes Devistation

Some question Catastrophism. Today around the world, it's a bit more difficult to deny. Two days ago Tasmania was rocked by an 8.1 earthquake. The earthquake was centered 500 miles south of Tasmania near the Macquarie Islands. This was the largest earthquake since an 8.4 hit off the coast of peru in June 2001.

Until this morning...

Now it's big brother has hit. Fox news is saying that over 12,000 people are dead in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Maldives, after a tsunami was triggerd by an 8.9 earthquake off of the coast of Sumatra. Thousands were vacationing in the area, a popular Christmas tourist site. A USGS representative states that a thousand kilometer section of the earth's crust has been broken lose, causing the deadly tsunami over a thousand miles away. The quake was said to last over two minutes.

There is little that mankind can do about these events. These events will continue to increase in number and degree, just as they have over the last few decades. They increase even when our "experts" say that they have not. Uniformitarianism will shortly see its demise in the face of dead and dying human beings. But these things have long been foretold by the Prophets of old. Of course the "status quo" do not believe. God help us all.

Addendum (12/27/04): The death toll is now over 22,000. They are stating that the earthquake was actually a 9.0. And this a.m. Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, stated that according to one report this event actually effected the rotation of the earth! It's hard to believe that, however we shall wait and see. Meantime in the eastern United States they are being hit by yet another heavy record breaking snowstorm.

Addendum (12/28/04): Death toll now 44,000. One "expert" reports that the quake that spawned the tsunami shook the entire earth like a bell being rang. Further that the earth's rotation was off due to the quake. The fracture in the earth's crust made by the quake was a thousand miles long.

Addendum (12/28/04 18:00): 52,000 dead.

Addendum (12/28/04 19:00): 60,000 dead and climbing. Disease numbers yet to come. There was NO warning system. Why not? Other parts of the world have a warning system. Uniformitarianism hubris. Hedonism was prevalent and doing well in most of the areas affected. But so many innocent. So many poor suffering for lack of a warning system. The DOW up almost 80 points today.

Addendum (12/29/04 07:00): 70,000 now feared dead.

Addendum (12/30/04): 120,000 dead.

Addendum (12/31/04): 150,000 dead.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

The True Nature of Comets?

In less than a month, JPL/NASA will launch the Deep Impact Probe and Satellite. On July Fourth of 2005 they will put what they call the "Impactor" in the path of the comet Temple 1. The "Impactor", they say, will create a crater the size of a football field in the comet. They say that they will be able to look deep into the insides of the comet and learn more about the solar system's creation. Whoops... I used the word "Creation". I meant to say "organization". My greatest concern (among many), about this project is the inferred unwillingness of the status quo in astronomical science to consider alternative theories. Nothing new though. He who has the gold makes the rules, as they say. It must have concerned them or even upset them when President Bush said that he prays and that he knows people pray for him. That really doesn't fit in with their club rules.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Phobos Revisited

We keep seeing these unusual objects on the GOES images. In our comparison it looks remarkably like Phobos. Is it Phobos? Is it another Phobos? Before you answer, read Bart Jordan's work on the Repository. Phobos is not natural. And further it is related to humanity somehow. Read Bart Jordan's piece. It might change your mind. There are more than one or two species of extra terrestrials. There are more than one or two types of craft. Cubes are pouring in through the northern gate at a rate of more than you would ever believe. There are literally thousands. We have been counting. What do you think? What does the future of the next few years hold for humanity?

Monday, July 19, 2004

Just Passengers/Tourists? Alien Corroboration?

Earlier this year I bought and watched "We Never Went To The Moon" by the people. And just last week I recieved their newest release, "Astronauts Gone Wild". Pretty compelling. Alan Bean stuttered and stammered when explaining some of the more technical details. I noticed when several of the astronauts were interviewed they stated that they were just "passengers" or "tourists" on the flights. In a recent interview Edgar Mitchell stated that he was just a "tourist." In the same statement he stated that our government and others know about the existence of aliens and that they are covering up the entire story. His exact words, "A few insiders know the truth... and we are studying the bodies that have been discovered." He said a "cabal" of insiders stopped briefing presidents about extraterrestrials after President Kennedy. So maybe they did go to the moon - just not on NASA power!!!! This guy's an MIT graduate. Why would he say something like this? What do you think?

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Do They Know?

Over the past years we have heard many stories concerning the United States government and their knowledge (or lack of knowledge) concerning aliens and UFO's. I have heard a story about one of our presidents meeting with aliens on a tarmac at Area 51. I have heard rumors about a pact between an alien society and our government. There are all kinds of stories and beliefs out there in our population concerning the existence and/or our cooperation or war with them. What's the truth? What are your ideas and thoughts? We here at TMG obviously have definite ideas. And we are preparing them for publication as we speak. Is there a current war in heaven? Why? Who's fighting? Who are all of the different players and what are their different roles here? And what about those comets? Do they play a role in all of this? What about weather and earthquakes? Politics, government, astronomy, weather, geology, etc.. Is there a connection? Let's see some discussion.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

The Chronicles of Riddick

Last night the wife and myself went to see the Chronicles of Riddick. I had been told that the effects were great and the story was pretty good. I'm a Vin Diesel fan, so how could I go wrong? This isn't a movie review blog, but I have to say couldn't help being very uncomfortable during the first few scenes. I often wonder if some of these writers don't surf the web just to get ideas. I know that this story was written before TMG (I wouldn't know, I haven't read it). But I have seen a number of TMG themes come up in entertainment over the last few years. Even our name was swiped by the Xfiles folk when they debuted the show named Millennium and had a few story lines that sounded very very familiar. It happens. I'm not one to be proprietary as our friends over at the HST.
Anyway, back to Riddick. Those first few scenes came on the screen. Loud and powerful. It was an invasion of a world. It was overwhelming. The invaders came in a comet and they came in incredible numbers. There was a religious thing going on - "either convert or die". The countless intruders walked through the streets killing everyone. I couldn't help but to think of Ezekiel chapter nine - The "Slaughter Weapons!" You don't find that... those exact words used anywhere else in the Bible. Frightening. Especially if you're on the wrong end of a slaughter weapon. There are numerous references to the army that will come from the "Northern gate"... from the "Ends of Heaven." Is there a question here as to what we're being told is going to happen???? So when I saw the beginning of this movie, it was all I could do to stay in my seat and not run out of the theater and search the starry skies - even in the bright light of the parking lot. But I stayed. Good movie. But start thinking about the future. I believe - the near future. Well... gotta go. Gotta get out in the garage and make up my sandwich board --- "THE END IS NEAR - THE END IS NEAR!" But it doesn't feel very funny for some reason...

Friday, April 16, 2004

Harper's Velikovsky

IMHO, one of the most influential men or women of all time. I know that there were other catastrophists, but Velikovsky was at the right palce at the right time. The response to his ideas was violent and intentional. The reaction to him is typical of the culture that now exists in science. You're in or you're out. If you're not in, you don't publish, you don't get a fair hearing, and then sometime in the future, the status quo comes back on you, "re"discovering your ideas and then publishing them as their own. How do I personally deal with the bitterness and the anger? I have an understanding of the truth. I don't believe that there is much more time for those that oppress and attempt to manipulate the truth for their own gain. This day has been predicted for millennia. When you read the book that Velikovky's daughter recently wrote you will see the cruelty and anger that exists, where it is claimed that they are impartial and just. This just is not the case. He is one of my most admired heroes. And I do not know how he withstood the outright attack upon his person. A gunshot or a stab from a knife would've been easier to take. When I hear the name Carl Sagan, it's all that I can do to not wretch and curse. But there were others, this was not the campaign of just one man. It was a planned and mounted assault on an innocent man simply expressing truths that he discovered. I believe in a life here after. And I look forward to the day when I can shake his hand and say thank you, it was worth it all.

Please post your opinions. I look forward to reading them. And if you can pick up the book and read it you will gain some real insight to the torture that "they" put him through.

Thank you

Thursday, January 22, 2004

"Whoops There Goes Another Rubber Tree!"
Surprise! Surprise!
or "Here rover! Here boy!

Well people... are you surprised? If you are you shouldn't be. Yesterday when I heard the news, I immediately went to my faithful Yahoo weather reporter and found out that in Australia where the big lightening storm supposedly interfered with communications, the Planet Marsweather was 81 degrees and the visibility unlimited! Again, I'm not surprised. Of course today they're saying that it apparently isn't due to the lightening storm but something worse. Maybe it was taken over by the military like the other one. Maybe they saw something that they don't want out yet. It's my belief (and this isn't a new one at all folks), that they already know and believe that there was once an intelligent civilization on Mars. It's simply a matter of timing for them as to when they will reveal this to the public. there are a lot of complications in making such a statement. I won't go over them here. But don't they think we're on to them by now?????

For goodness sake! Water was found in 1980. We documented that in an article by Melody Mehta. And what about Harry Jordan's work? There's so much evidence it's really becoming rediculous.

It's my belief when we finally find out the entire truth we're going to really be surprised. We're going to feel very foolish at how much we have been underestimating the government's lies and condescension.

And now... here we are.. listening to another trumped up excuse and then we will still paymore taxes for more trips to space. Meanwhile things here on the ground are worse than ever. From a social scientist's point of view (and that's exactly what I really am), I am disgusted at the separation between the haves and the have nots. And I am not a liberal, I am very conservative. I see the level and amount of crime that exists, and the debt, and the government wants to spend even more billions on going to space.

What do you think?

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

"OH! We're So Baffled!"

Sometimes when I've had a bad day and I come home from work, sit down and take a look at the day's news, I get very angry. It's just in my personality. I don't really do anything violent with the anger, or "innappropriate" as one might say. But I am grateful that I have an outlet to put my words into feelings.

Today was one of those days.

I read the space news on Yahoo and found an article on the most recent stuff on Mars. Here's a quote:

"'Mars is not going to give up its secrets easily. It is
going to take a lot of time,' Steve Squyres, the mission's
principal investigator, told a news briefing."

What secrets????? This statement typifies the attitude and pride of these people. They don't listen to anyone else. They won't entertain any ideas that even suggest going off the beaten path.

"Soil samples taken by complex instruments on the six-wheeled robot Spirit last week showed large amounts of silicon and iron, and smaller amounts of sulfur, chlorine,
calcium and nickel on the surface of the Gusev Crater -- a barren, wind-swept basin that scientists believe may have been the site of an ancient lake bed once fed by a Martian river."

Has anyone wondered why they landed in a lake bed? I have an idea. I think they were afraid if they landed anywhere else they might find evidence of the civilization that once thrived on Mars. What better place to find "nothing".
"scientists were surprised to find olivine -- a mineral normally found in volcanic rocks -- and speculated that the sample surface soil could be ground up lava."

Does anyone know where else you find Olivine in the universe? Long time readers of this site will remember right away. You'll find an article on TMG that describes the discovery of olivine on Hale Bopp! So what does this mean? Olivine is created by high temperatures. That's why it is found around volcanoes. And it isn't just created at the mouth of volcanoes or around the surface, close to volcanoes. It's created deep within the volcano where the heat and pressure is much more intense than the heat and pressures that can exist on the surface. But wait, if it's found on the surface of Mars - where's the volcano? Actually no where near the lake bed. Remember - it's a lake bed. Oh yeah--- I know--- "millions and millions" of years ago... yadda yadda yadda.... Here's an alternative theory: When the comet/planet Venus came close to the planet Mars, it reached out and "touched" Mars with lightening bolts never before or since seen in this solar system. It carved a huge canyon across the face of Mars, destroying a civilization, a people and their structures. A bolt of electricity that powerful could create olivine. Just like it did on the surface of Hale Bopp. And if they argue with that idea then they will have to accept the fact that Hale Bopp was planet sized and had volcanoes on it. Don't think they'll accept that. Wiggle, slip and slide out of every truth.
Squyres said scientists were also puzzled by what he called a "chemical glue" that was holding the fine grains of reddish soil together in minuscule clumps.

IT'S A LAKE BED FOLKS! You know crusty surface from dried mud! No... they can't say that. To say that would be admiting that this lake bed was created recently. Say just a few years ago! Otherwise the soil would've broken down long ago. Listen... there's not really any new building materials in the universe. The same things are found everywhere, just in different proportions and mixes.

So I got pretty angry today. I'll try and get over it. But why should I? What they are doing is criminal. Now we're going back to the moon (and I'll believe that when I see it), and to Mars supposedly. And NASA is already crying that the HST is doomed. They've cancelled the shuttle program. In the last article Ray commented that this Mars and comet Wild stuff is a distraction. I have to agree with him. We were warned about the shuttle program. And we pushed it. And lives were lost in the shoot down of the shuttle. Maybe now we're listening to them. Stop the shuttle program or else. Unmanned flights. Don't be surprised if they don't allow that either. Maybe we're being prepared by the government to expect the demise of the HST due to the absence of future maintenance. What's really happening, is that they're preparing us to believe that reason, when it might be another reason!

Comments please!

Wednesday, January 14, 2004

What's Hiding In The Bushes?

Well... Here we go... A moon base? Manned flights to the moon? If JPL were a stock, would you buy it? Or NASA? I don't think so. Would you bet on it? Maybe... but probably only if you were in deep hock and were going the long shot. That's exactly what NASA is - a long shot. So let's take this a little further. Let's say you are deep in debt, you're hard working, generally honest, and you need a break. No one's going to break your legs if you don't pay them, just a lot of credit card debt. You have family and responsibilties, etc.. Would you go out and spend the majority of your paycheck on a bad bet? Not at all. Only if you're addicted to gambling, right? You see where I'm going. Our national debt is over 7 trillion dollars! Medicare is in big trouble. Bush wants another man on the moon in 2015. I'll be 65 then! Wonder if I'll have Social Security & Medicare available to me? The health care system is close to falling apart - I know, I work in it! The infrastructure of the country is in the worse mess it has ever been. Corporate greed is at an all time high. And I'm wondering about my pension too nowadays! Taxes are out of control - you're taxed at your job several times over, at the gas station, at the grocery store, everywhere! And in addition to all of this the word on the street is that just about everybody you talk to opposes space exploration. I heard Rush Limbaugh today say that our standard of living is better than it has ever been. I would like to agree with him, but I can't. So why now? I'm sorry democrats, Bush is a shoe in, in the next election. But then again maybe the space thing will do him in. Not likely. Anyway, why now? Why Mars? It just doesn't make sense. Are my suspicions warranted? What's going on here? I know I'm very paranoid... very much a skeptic... Mr. Conspiracy! You know what they say, "you're not paranoid if they're really following you!" If you haven't seen ""A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon", you should! As a matter of fact, just take the time to look at all of the opposition to this video. It's incredible. What a ruckus! It really hit a chord. The name calling alone should tell us something.

I ask the question again - why now? I have to look back over our postings over the past year or two. Is there a reason in there? Or is it just that there is oil or gold on the moon and mars? Doubt it. Or for military bases?

I am posting an article called "Who Are They". The quesiton is not about who the possible aliens are, the aliens are taken for granted - they exist. The title asks who on the earth is in cahoots with them. Many things in the article I don't agree with, but the questions are very good and lead into our ideas of "who" we believe that they are.

What do you think? I want to know why you think Bush is pushing this right now.

Tuesday, January 06, 2004

We're Back?

As I have watched with interest, the events of the last few days, I tried to keep in perspective exactly what I was seeing and hearing. To put a couple of "rovers" on Mars - price tag = $800million dollars. Let me write that out completely - $800,000,000! To retreive a "thimble full" of dust that may or may not be what they call "primordial" - price tag = $118million dollars. The numbers get so big, that if I don't have them exactly right, either up or down, it doesn't make much difference to me. But to thousands and thousands of people starving, going without shelter, even struggling week to week, paycheck to paycheck, it means a lot. The NASA motivation, national support... whatever it is that they are "back" to, doesn't mean a lot to those people. Actually it seems a little too premature, a little too pushy right now. As though they are trying a little too hard. I guess I could say that I would expect that however. They have really failed in the last few years.

But what exactly have they to show is they want to claim that they "are back?" First of all the rover that was just supposedly set down on Mars. I say "supposedly" because I don't trust anything that they tell us anymore. Conspiracy? Absolutely. Funneling money, maintaining power over a nation, whatever their impetus, conspiracies are real. I don't care what I'm called. I don't care what people say about me and my ideas. There comes a time when you must state your opinion. Stand up and be counted. And if it turns out that I am nutzoid - then so be it. Do you really think that is our government found evidence of a civilization on Mars they would openly tell the public? If you think that they would, then you're more foolish than I my friend.

Today I listened to the Stardust team talk about their success. They did get a number of questions about the surface of the comet and the origin of the surface's rough surface. At no time did I hear the explaination that the craters and impressions were caused by electrical charges. But I could imagine the gears turning in some of the questions on the subject. Outgassing? Foolishness! Of course they said that they saw streaming outgassing, but they failed to show the video that showed what they said was outgassing.

"We're back?" Show us the promised Hale Bopp images - the thousands of thousand high resolution images of Hale Bopp and the video. Then we can start talking about trust again. I'm so sick and tired of paying so much in taxes to government without representation. Remember that statement - Taxation without representation? I don't live too far from JPL, maybe I'll go and buy a case of tea and dump it on their doorstep? Wanna go with me? No more crazier than the founder of JPL. Know him? Look him up you'll be quite surprized!