Tuesday, January 06, 2004

We're Back?

As I have watched with interest, the events of the last few days, I tried to keep in perspective exactly what I was seeing and hearing. To put a couple of "rovers" on Mars - price tag = $800million dollars. Let me write that out completely - $800,000,000! To retreive a "thimble full" of dust that may or may not be what they call "primordial" - price tag = $118million dollars. The numbers get so big, that if I don't have them exactly right, either up or down, it doesn't make much difference to me. But to thousands and thousands of people starving, going without shelter, even struggling week to week, paycheck to paycheck, it means a lot. The NASA motivation, national support... whatever it is that they are "back" to, doesn't mean a lot to those people. Actually it seems a little too premature, a little too pushy right now. As though they are trying a little too hard. I guess I could say that I would expect that however. They have really failed in the last few years.

But what exactly have they to show is they want to claim that they "are back?" First of all the rover that was just supposedly set down on Mars. I say "supposedly" because I don't trust anything that they tell us anymore. Conspiracy? Absolutely. Funneling money, maintaining power over a nation, whatever their impetus, conspiracies are real. I don't care what I'm called. I don't care what people say about me and my ideas. There comes a time when you must state your opinion. Stand up and be counted. And if it turns out that I am nutzoid - then so be it. Do you really think that is our government found evidence of a civilization on Mars they would openly tell the public? If you think that they would, then you're more foolish than I my friend.

Today I listened to the Stardust team talk about their success. They did get a number of questions about the surface of the comet and the origin of the surface's rough surface. At no time did I hear the explaination that the craters and impressions were caused by electrical charges. But I could imagine the gears turning in some of the questions on the subject. Outgassing? Foolishness! Of course they said that they saw streaming outgassing, but they failed to show the video that showed what they said was outgassing.

"We're back?" Show us the promised Hale Bopp images - the thousands of thousand high resolution images of Hale Bopp and the video. Then we can start talking about trust again. I'm so sick and tired of paying so much in taxes to government without representation. Remember that statement - Taxation without representation? I don't live too far from JPL, maybe I'll go and buy a case of tea and dump it on their doorstep? Wanna go with me? No more crazier than the founder of JPL. Know him? Look him up you'll be quite surprized!

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