Tuesday, January 20, 2004

"OH! We're So Baffled!"

Sometimes when I've had a bad day and I come home from work, sit down and take a look at the day's news, I get very angry. It's just in my personality. I don't really do anything violent with the anger, or "innappropriate" as one might say. But I am grateful that I have an outlet to put my words into feelings.

Today was one of those days.

I read the space news on Yahoo and found an article on the most recent stuff on Mars. Here's a quote:

"'Mars is not going to give up its secrets easily. It is
going to take a lot of time,' Steve Squyres, the mission's
principal investigator, told a news briefing."

What secrets????? This statement typifies the attitude and pride of these people. They don't listen to anyone else. They won't entertain any ideas that even suggest going off the beaten path.

"Soil samples taken by complex instruments on the six-wheeled robot Spirit last week showed large amounts of silicon and iron, and smaller amounts of sulfur, chlorine,
calcium and nickel on the surface of the Gusev Crater -- a barren, wind-swept basin that scientists believe may have been the site of an ancient lake bed once fed by a Martian river."

Has anyone wondered why they landed in a lake bed? I have an idea. I think they were afraid if they landed anywhere else they might find evidence of the civilization that once thrived on Mars. What better place to find "nothing".
"scientists were surprised to find olivine -- a mineral normally found in volcanic rocks -- and speculated that the sample surface soil could be ground up lava."

Does anyone know where else you find Olivine in the universe? Long time readers of this site will remember right away. You'll find an article on TMG that describes the discovery of olivine on Hale Bopp! So what does this mean? Olivine is created by high temperatures. That's why it is found around volcanoes. And it isn't just created at the mouth of volcanoes or around the surface, close to volcanoes. It's created deep within the volcano where the heat and pressure is much more intense than the heat and pressures that can exist on the surface. But wait, if it's found on the surface of Mars - where's the volcano? Actually no where near the lake bed. Remember - it's a lake bed. Oh yeah--- I know--- "millions and millions" of years ago... yadda yadda yadda.... Here's an alternative theory: When the comet/planet Venus came close to the planet Mars, it reached out and "touched" Mars with lightening bolts never before or since seen in this solar system. It carved a huge canyon across the face of Mars, destroying a civilization, a people and their structures. A bolt of electricity that powerful could create olivine. Just like it did on the surface of Hale Bopp. And if they argue with that idea then they will have to accept the fact that Hale Bopp was planet sized and had volcanoes on it. Don't think they'll accept that. Wiggle, slip and slide out of every truth.
Squyres said scientists were also puzzled by what he called a "chemical glue" that was holding the fine grains of reddish soil together in minuscule clumps.

IT'S A LAKE BED FOLKS! You know crusty surface from dried mud! No... they can't say that. To say that would be admiting that this lake bed was created recently. Say just a few years ago! Otherwise the soil would've broken down long ago. Listen... there's not really any new building materials in the universe. The same things are found everywhere, just in different proportions and mixes.

So I got pretty angry today. I'll try and get over it. But why should I? What they are doing is criminal. Now we're going back to the moon (and I'll believe that when I see it), and to Mars supposedly. And NASA is already crying that the HST is doomed. They've cancelled the shuttle program. In the last article Ray commented that this Mars and comet Wild stuff is a distraction. I have to agree with him. We were warned about the shuttle program. And we pushed it. And lives were lost in the shoot down of the shuttle. Maybe now we're listening to them. Stop the shuttle program or else. Unmanned flights. Don't be surprised if they don't allow that either. Maybe we're being prepared by the government to expect the demise of the HST due to the absence of future maintenance. What's really happening, is that they're preparing us to believe that reason, when it might be another reason!

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