Thursday, January 22, 2004

"Whoops There Goes Another Rubber Tree!"
Surprise! Surprise!
or "Here rover! Here boy!

Well people... are you surprised? If you are you shouldn't be. Yesterday when I heard the news, I immediately went to my faithful Yahoo weather reporter and found out that in Australia where the big lightening storm supposedly interfered with communications, the Planet Marsweather was 81 degrees and the visibility unlimited! Again, I'm not surprised. Of course today they're saying that it apparently isn't due to the lightening storm but something worse. Maybe it was taken over by the military like the other one. Maybe they saw something that they don't want out yet. It's my belief (and this isn't a new one at all folks), that they already know and believe that there was once an intelligent civilization on Mars. It's simply a matter of timing for them as to when they will reveal this to the public. there are a lot of complications in making such a statement. I won't go over them here. But don't they think we're on to them by now?????

For goodness sake! Water was found in 1980. We documented that in an article by Melody Mehta. And what about Harry Jordan's work? There's so much evidence it's really becoming rediculous.

It's my belief when we finally find out the entire truth we're going to really be surprised. We're going to feel very foolish at how much we have been underestimating the government's lies and condescension.

And now... here we are.. listening to another trumped up excuse and then we will still paymore taxes for more trips to space. Meanwhile things here on the ground are worse than ever. From a social scientist's point of view (and that's exactly what I really am), I am disgusted at the separation between the haves and the have nots. And I am not a liberal, I am very conservative. I see the level and amount of crime that exists, and the debt, and the government wants to spend even more billions on going to space.

What do you think?

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