Wednesday, January 14, 2004

What's Hiding In The Bushes?

Well... Here we go... A moon base? Manned flights to the moon? If JPL were a stock, would you buy it? Or NASA? I don't think so. Would you bet on it? Maybe... but probably only if you were in deep hock and were going the long shot. That's exactly what NASA is - a long shot. So let's take this a little further. Let's say you are deep in debt, you're hard working, generally honest, and you need a break. No one's going to break your legs if you don't pay them, just a lot of credit card debt. You have family and responsibilties, etc.. Would you go out and spend the majority of your paycheck on a bad bet? Not at all. Only if you're addicted to gambling, right? You see where I'm going. Our national debt is over 7 trillion dollars! Medicare is in big trouble. Bush wants another man on the moon in 2015. I'll be 65 then! Wonder if I'll have Social Security & Medicare available to me? The health care system is close to falling apart - I know, I work in it! The infrastructure of the country is in the worse mess it has ever been. Corporate greed is at an all time high. And I'm wondering about my pension too nowadays! Taxes are out of control - you're taxed at your job several times over, at the gas station, at the grocery store, everywhere! And in addition to all of this the word on the street is that just about everybody you talk to opposes space exploration. I heard Rush Limbaugh today say that our standard of living is better than it has ever been. I would like to agree with him, but I can't. So why now? I'm sorry democrats, Bush is a shoe in, in the next election. But then again maybe the space thing will do him in. Not likely. Anyway, why now? Why Mars? It just doesn't make sense. Are my suspicions warranted? What's going on here? I know I'm very paranoid... very much a skeptic... Mr. Conspiracy! You know what they say, "you're not paranoid if they're really following you!" If you haven't seen ""A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Moon", you should! As a matter of fact, just take the time to look at all of the opposition to this video. It's incredible. What a ruckus! It really hit a chord. The name calling alone should tell us something.

I ask the question again - why now? I have to look back over our postings over the past year or two. Is there a reason in there? Or is it just that there is oil or gold on the moon and mars? Doubt it. Or for military bases?

I am posting an article called "Who Are They". The quesiton is not about who the possible aliens are, the aliens are taken for granted - they exist. The title asks who on the earth is in cahoots with them. Many things in the article I don't agree with, but the questions are very good and lead into our ideas of "who" we believe that they are.

What do you think? I want to know why you think Bush is pushing this right now.

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