Monday, January 14, 2013

What's Next?

It's been along time. Many things have changed.

2012 has passed, and the predictions of The End have come and gone. But we continue to see ORCA, cubes and our world racing toward very frightening times. As I write this we are seeing ORCA more pronounced, and we are seeing it move as if under some kind of intelligent control. We are seeing more craft, both cubes and other UFOs than ever before.

In concert with the escalation of visions in the skies above, natural disasters, including large earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, hurricanes and more are occurring at ever increasing numbers and strength. But this isn't all. The correlation with these increasing events and social, cultural and political tensions is mathematically very high. If we graphed these events we could surely see the similarities.

My deep concern is that the relevant increase is ever faster and faster. In recent days the economy of our United States is in failure, gun control is on the horizon, more and more laws are being added daily, mass shootings are almost a daily happening, and morals, ethics, politeness, compassion and courtesy are rare.

Although medicine has come a long way, there is still no cure to some the most horrible diseases that plague humans. We spend millions on NASA and people can't afford health insurance. Everything is turned upside down!

I fear that all of these things put together, look like a situation we have seen before. When men desired greater control of a population, similar things happen. I don't just mean Obama either. Our political leaders obviously aren't in control, be they democrat or republican. There is a greater power in control. At least "They" believe they're in control.

A bit of advice... Start thinking about some food storage and some emergency supplies. Think about where you live and whether it's safe or not. Start thinking in that fashion. It may save the lives of you family and yourself.