Tuesday, July 12, 2011

War in Heaven, War on Earth

In August of 2005 I wrote an article that I entitled "War in Heaven, War on Earth" (LINK). I documented some of the things that we had been seeing that lead us to understand that there were actual invaders fighting in the skies above us. Who were/are these warriors? Honestly, I can't give you any specifics. But I do believe they are not from the earth.

We have seen battles between factions close to the sun. In fact others have also made report of this. And actually, many many battles have been captured on film. I also brought up the issue of the February 2003 Columbia Shuttle disaster. The country watched with heavy hearts as the shuttle literally fell to the earth in pieces. NASA's explanation was a fuel leak caused by a falling piece of ice at take off. I never thought that any rational person actually bought that reasoning. Well... Following that disaster, there surfaced an image of an electrical-like bolt hitting the shuttle, just prior to re-entry. I posted the picture in the article and the threats began. A fellow claiming to be the so called "owner" of the image threatened us with a law suit. Of course, unless an image can be proven to actually harm a person's character, such a law suit really doesn't hold any water. I played along with him. Not out of fear, but more out of curiosity and for some reason on my part, I wanted to respect his wishes. But he failed to ever prove ownership. So I posted his ranting emails on our site. Pure entertainment!

An article which I posted, from the San Francisco Chronicle on 2/5/2003 stated that agents representing NASA interests confronted the San Fransisco photographer of the image, took all of his pictures of the occurrence and even his camera. The conclusion is that he was paid a pretty price and as is their practice (just like the "men in black") he was told to keep quiet! so when I publically posted the image (which he actually released to an acquaintance of mine), he began feeling the pressure of the implied or actual threat, from the NASA agents, whatever their nature. The image clearly shows a bolt of energy hitting the shuttle just prior to it's destruction. But most telling, is that NASA must've thought so too!

In that same article I documented electrical weapon damage on the moon, related the same type of destruction to the Tunguska blast, documented unknown craft in our atmosphere, coming in around the limb of the moon, the Martian Moon, Phobos in our skies, and on and on. How much does it take? And today, a couple years later, what are we seeing? Well... Maybe you have an idea of why I haven't been posting. There's just so much that at every turn, every day, I just have had to wonder... When will it all really hit the fan? When will the struggles, the skirmishes, the battles between different "species", between the U.S. Government entities and the invaders explode into all out war?

My answer? Based on all our studies, observations and research... It's too late... almost too late to even contemplate preparing. Do I know what day or time, of course not. I may be a bit dense at times, but I'm not stupid. Our government believes we're stupid. I know better.

You might have noted that I sprinkled quotes from the bible throughout the article. I personally believe those things. We as human beings have a natural tendency to think a lot of ourselves. However, I can't help to think that we just aren't the baddest guys on the block. And going up to a bigger tougher guy and kicking him in the shin, is just downright stupid Mr. Obama. Throw your sword in the mud! Try a different approach. Science and politics are not going to work for you! I think I have some time available next tuesday! But wait.... That may be too late!

We are surely on the threshold of planetary war.