Saturday, December 25, 2004

The True Nature of Comets?

In less than a month, JPL/NASA will launch the Deep Impact Probe and Satellite. On July Fourth of 2005 they will put what they call the "Impactor" in the path of the comet Temple 1. The "Impactor", they say, will create a crater the size of a football field in the comet. They say that they will be able to look deep into the insides of the comet and learn more about the solar system's creation. Whoops... I used the word "Creation". I meant to say "organization". My greatest concern (among many), about this project is the inferred unwillingness of the status quo in astronomical science to consider alternative theories. Nothing new though. He who has the gold makes the rules, as they say. It must have concerned them or even upset them when President Bush said that he prays and that he knows people pray for him. That really doesn't fit in with their club rules.

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