Sunday, December 26, 2004

Two Earthquakes, One Causes Devistation

Some question Catastrophism. Today around the world, it's a bit more difficult to deny. Two days ago Tasmania was rocked by an 8.1 earthquake. The earthquake was centered 500 miles south of Tasmania near the Macquarie Islands. This was the largest earthquake since an 8.4 hit off the coast of peru in June 2001.

Until this morning...

Now it's big brother has hit. Fox news is saying that over 12,000 people are dead in Sri Lanka, Thailand, and the Maldives, after a tsunami was triggerd by an 8.9 earthquake off of the coast of Sumatra. Thousands were vacationing in the area, a popular Christmas tourist site. A USGS representative states that a thousand kilometer section of the earth's crust has been broken lose, causing the deadly tsunami over a thousand miles away. The quake was said to last over two minutes.

There is little that mankind can do about these events. These events will continue to increase in number and degree, just as they have over the last few decades. They increase even when our "experts" say that they have not. Uniformitarianism will shortly see its demise in the face of dead and dying human beings. But these things have long been foretold by the Prophets of old. Of course the "status quo" do not believe. God help us all.

Addendum (12/27/04): The death toll is now over 22,000. They are stating that the earthquake was actually a 9.0. And this a.m. Diane Sawyer on Good Morning America, stated that according to one report this event actually effected the rotation of the earth! It's hard to believe that, however we shall wait and see. Meantime in the eastern United States they are being hit by yet another heavy record breaking snowstorm.

Addendum (12/28/04): Death toll now 44,000. One "expert" reports that the quake that spawned the tsunami shook the entire earth like a bell being rang. Further that the earth's rotation was off due to the quake. The fracture in the earth's crust made by the quake was a thousand miles long.

Addendum (12/28/04 18:00): 52,000 dead.

Addendum (12/28/04 19:00): 60,000 dead and climbing. Disease numbers yet to come. There was NO warning system. Why not? Other parts of the world have a warning system. Uniformitarianism hubris. Hedonism was prevalent and doing well in most of the areas affected. But so many innocent. So many poor suffering for lack of a warning system. The DOW up almost 80 points today.

Addendum (12/29/04 07:00): 70,000 now feared dead.

Addendum (12/30/04): 120,000 dead.

Addendum (12/31/04): 150,000 dead.

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