Wednesday, June 23, 2004

Do They Know?

Over the past years we have heard many stories concerning the United States government and their knowledge (or lack of knowledge) concerning aliens and UFO's. I have heard a story about one of our presidents meeting with aliens on a tarmac at Area 51. I have heard rumors about a pact between an alien society and our government. There are all kinds of stories and beliefs out there in our population concerning the existence and/or our cooperation or war with them. What's the truth? What are your ideas and thoughts? We here at TMG obviously have definite ideas. And we are preparing them for publication as we speak. Is there a current war in heaven? Why? Who's fighting? Who are all of the different players and what are their different roles here? And what about those comets? Do they play a role in all of this? What about weather and earthquakes? Politics, government, astronomy, weather, geology, etc.. Is there a connection? Let's see some discussion.

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