Sunday, February 17, 2008

Can We Still Trust America?

What the heck is going on here?

Tonight I sat down for a nice Sunday dinner with my family. I cooked a brisket all day until it was tender and mouth watering. Not unlike most Americans, I sat down in front of the television with a plate of sliced brisket, ready to dig in. Then on the television came the story. Maybe you saw it where ever you live. Some beef company in Chino California has the biggest beef recall in the history of the country. Apparently they got greedy and were using cattle that were sick and not meeting standards. About a week ago there was a story on this very same plant that showed the workers abusing the cattle, using forklifts to push them around, using water spray, kicking and hitting them and really, any means necessary to get them into the killing stall. It was sickening.

I lost my appetite. Now I'm a meat eater, not a vegetarian. Nothing against the veggies out there, but I do have a soft spot for animals in my heart. Let's don't even go there, I'm not going to argue with you about using animals for food. The fact of the matter is, that getting it done, can be done humanely. My point, that I'm so very slowly getting to, is who can we trust anymore? You can't trust the beef industry, you can't trust the pig farmers, poultry farmers, nor can we trust Monsanto and the vegetables that we eat. Just this last year we've had a number of Ecoli breakouts from good old leafy green vegetables. Did you know that Monsanto uses Ecoli to modify the genes of soy and other food plants? All of a sudden soy doesn't sound so healthy or tasty does it? Afterall, Ecoli is predominantly found in feces.

So the food resources are trash. What about the pharmaceutical corporations? What do you think they're putting in your meds? And then there's the healthcare industry - what a joke it is. It's an oxymoron to call it the Healthcare Industry! If you have health insurance have you tried to use it lately? What about the fuel supply - fossil fuels, etc.. What's going on there, with the price at the pump? Why don't we have alternative fuels now?

When you start thinking about all of these things, you begin to believe that it can all be marked down to greed. Sure it's greed. But I think that somewhere, someone is more greedy than we have never realized. At first, one might be tempted to think that it's the beef company, the other food companies, pharmaceutical companies, insurance companies, car and oil companies, and all the rest. Maybe you think that capitalism has gotten carried away with itself. The American way... you know?

No, I think that it's more than that.

My experience with a "brain cloud" tells me that WE are the cattle. WE are the product. WE as the human race are being pacified, allowed to own a home, a car and have the illusion of freedom and liberty, when we really have no such thing! WE are a crawling mass of slaves, producing the GNP and taxes at the cost of real honest liberty. I tend to agree with Stephen Greer, from the Disclosure Project. I saw him recently at a talk in Hunignton Beach. He stated that there is no reason that we couldn't be 50 years ahead of where we are now, technologically speaking. I have no doubt that we could have cures for cancer, clean fuel, most of our social ills cured and on and on.

But why? Why do we not have these accomplishments on record? Why would we be kept as slaves and cattle? Honestly I don't know. I do have some ideas about it. Is there a clandestine group of super rich people shaping and controlling our world? Is there a contract between our government and evil extraterrestrials? I don't really think that our government has the resources to do all of this on its own. But I do think that certain people in the government do know these facts.

What are your feelings and thoughts about this?


Tim said...

My thoughts are that you being a TMG founder well know that we cattle are being led, but to where and to what end? Having just re-read Orwell's Animal Farm, this post makes me think that if we animals can break free, could we handle our freedom? Would we clamor for the safety of the cage of the GNP? Would we miss our government and their puppetmaster's "security"? The "safety shootdown" of USA 193 may well make us animals choose THEIR safety, or our freedom. So the answer to the post's question can we trust America may boil down to do you trust yourself?

tmg_founder said...

Thanks for the comment Tim. I think you're right on. But who ever is in control may use this as a reason for justifying their domination of us. Great ideas!

devin said...

Well it seems to me the only way to go about finding freedom is to rely on yourself, your family & friends and your local community to grow fruit and vegetables and practice preventative medicine. People should try and dissassociate themselves from the mainstream by utilising some fairly simple solutions like going vegetarian and eating organically grown food from local producers or at least having your own chickens if you want to eat them and their eggs. I live in Australia and seemingly our beef industry is not as evil, however the same issues still exist. Such as a certain level of mistrust of major food manufacturers. Consequently there has been a major resurgence of farmer's markets particularly organic ones. Also riding a bicycle instead of driving is very liberating and setting up your own water supply through rainwater harvesting has its rewards. Overall though the systems are slightly different between the USA and Australia it is possible to liberate yourself from the 'puppetry' of the government and live your life in a sustainable, independent and communal way.

Anonymous said...

The people have only thereselves to blame (myself included)... we have let them run all over us with there lies and excuses. We need to demand a change that no leader in the world could bring.. and when the people realize this only one thing is left to happen... Revolution

tmg_founder said...

Dear Anon,
I have to agree with you. I remember hearing people tell me "you have to vote! It's the only way to change things, to have a say." That's crap. Look at our current example. Obama, Clinton or Mccain???? What a great choice. Then we have choices of foods to eat and drugs to help us. All contaminated and poisoned. Why are we so concerned about Global Warming? Hell I can find enough problems in my own back yard that they ARE NOT DEALING WITH! But sure as sure can be, we'll be paying all kinds of taxes for global warming before next year.

I'm a very religious person. I'm torn between encouraging revolution and praying for God to come and burn it all down. I would love to hear any advice at all.
Thanx for your input.