Saturday, March 08, 2008

December 11th 11:11 P.M., 2012 Pack Your Bags!

On December 11th, 2012 at exactly 11:11 winter solstice will begin. The question is, will other things happen as well? Carved into the wall of the Temple of Inscriptions atPalenque, the famous calendar shows that it completes its thirteenth b'ak'tun cycle. It is believed that this cycle represents the Mayan belief that this creation passes into the next existence. This will be the end of a 5,125 solar years. Where they got this idea is of course up for debate.

One theorist believes that the Maya were told this by Orions from the Pleiades. He states that the priests had contact with the Orions via rituals conducted by shamans. BTW, the Orions or Pleiadians are the same aliens that visit Billy Meier - so he claims.

The Bible Code claims that an asteroid or comet will hit the earth and nearly destroy it.

Nostradamus, some say, claims that a comet will hit the earth allowing an Antichrist to free his army and bring great destruction to the earth.

Yet another theorist claims that the earth's magnetic field will reverse causing destruction in this manner. You guess as to the results of a magnetic reversal.

There are others yet that believe that the center of the galaxy will spit out a great light enlightening all of mankind. Not quite sure how this would work, but it sounds scary to me. Other theories propound that the earth will suffer great natural calamities, such as hurricanes, earthquakes, electrical storms, and volcano eruptions.

On the other hand, maybe nothing will happen. Maybe it's already happening.


Emily Cragg said...

Could you please answer a question for me?

Several years ago the Millennium Group propagated a series of photographs of the MOON that showed a hovering BODY, satellite, or something nearby.

This interview, by the Kerry/Bill of the Camelot Project, shows that the VATICAN OBSERVATORY took some photos of the same phenomenon. The interview is difficult to understand, but your photos are matched by Vatican photos.

Could you please bring those photos back up, along with the GIFS of disincarnate Light Beings that you published at the time.

My hard drive crashed and I lost them; what a loss.

Were these in 2002 or 2003?

Chaiyah, webmaster

tmg_founder said...

I am familiar with the moon photos, but I do not recall referring to thme as "light beings". I think that they are still available on the website. Was this the image you are speaking of?
let me know and I can comment on it. thanx for reading!

stonehenge observatory said...

Dear TMG Founder
Probably isn't the place to contact you but I wondered if you would like to look at my site The site compliments the book of the same name in which I suggest (with good reason) that Stonehenge used to point North at latitude 45N around 12000BC. It has moved due to a sudden shift in the lithosphere. Would welcome you comment. Sorry again for contacting here but could not find any other way through TMG - Dean.

Emily Cragg said...

That makes perfect sense. Of course.

I believe there are regular (every 25,900 years) pole shifts. There HAVE TO BE.

If you have a ball of clay in your hands and you're rotating it into a sphere, you have to keep turning it 90 degree, or it develops "a belly."

So, it makes sense that this planet "gets turned 90 degrees" every so often so it remains a perfect sphere instead of over-developing at one equator line.

Thank you so much for the directory link. I'll see if I can find those file numbers and locate them there.

Emily Cragg, webmaster.

tmg_founder said...

Thanks for reading though! I'll check out the link and your work. My personal belief is that the earth is not from this solar system. However that does not mean that it did not go through a change as you state. I also believe that there is room for a change more recent than you mention. I will be happy to take a look at your site.

Emily Cragg said...

Oh. Well, holyconservancy is not where I put my astronomical and space stuff. is where I have that.

I have been reprocessing NASA Mars photos; and guess what I found?

People, gardens, animals, the whole nine yards.

NASA has been doing something BESIDES telling us what is true and real.

Have fun with it. I'm sending every one of these re-processed photos back to NASA HQ, and they have been met with a stoney silence.

I'm so glad to meet you; I miss the regular TMG updates you used to put up.

Oh well. We're all busy.

Shechaiyah/Emily Cragg

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sbsmith1211 said...

Y'all are crazy. Live your life, don't try to theorise about an ending to it.

Anonymous said...

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