Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Satellite DANGER!

While many are lauding the shooting down of a crippled satellite by a US missile, we have to wonder... where the heck is the debris? There haven't been any reports of it falling to the earth. Another interesting thing is that first reports stated that the satellite was in the 5000 pounds range. Now I have heard that they are calling it 20,000 pounds. What's up?

Falling satellites is really nothing new. They seem to come down just about every few weeks. So why's this one so important? Was it really hydrazine that they wanted to keep away from the population? Or was it something more? Can we all say RADIOACTIVITY? That's just one possibility. I tend to go with something a little more on the edge (of course!); perhaps they weren't shooting at a bad satellite. Maybe they were shooting at something else. Why would they be willing to spend $60 million dollars of our taxes?

Was it just practice? I hardly believe so. I believe that there's an ongoing situation occurring in local space. It probably started in 1954 or before when Eisenhower met with aliens on the tarmac at Edward's. But in the last few years we've sent an old man - John Glenn, up there to do some negotiation and we've been regularly sending missiles up over the Pacific to show our strength. And how could we forget the shooting down of Columbia in 2003. Don't believe it was shot down?
Read this (CLICK HERE).

So are we really going to believe that they were trying to shoot down a malfunctioning satellite? Not me. Just give it some thought. Our government has tried to make deals with the Greys, they don't make deals. We've had some very limited success at shooting them down (remember that event called Roswell?). There are other examples. How is it possible that we keep denying this relationship? Should we call it a "love-hate" relationship? It always comes down to one thing - power. We obviously don't have the power in this relationship. We have the pride and the false sense of control. I don't know what you call those kind of people in your life, but I call them "LOSERS".

What will save us?

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Emily Cragg said...

Where is the trash?


Here it is. Lots and lots, just like in the ocean; the corporatocracy trashes everything.