Sunday, March 02, 2008

Tuesday Is Soylent Green Day

I love "Post-Apocalyptic" movies. Soylent Green has to stand out as one of the best. I think what I like so much about it, is that it not only shows a possible world of the future, but it tries to show the ignorance of people in that world.

I have to ask myself, "Is this really reality?" This world that we see on television? In the papers? All around us? I'm sure if you're reading this, you're not much different than me. You likely have a job. You try to pay your bills on time, you pay your taxes, and you try and keep your family safe and comfortable. You get home from work every day, you're tired, but you do a few chores around the house, eat some dinner and plunk yourself down for an evening of television. You watch the news, and wonder why you watch it. You see the world getting sicker and sicker. More shootings, higher gas prices, and another award show interfering with your favorite show. Pretty run of the mill life. Just trying to get through to the next day, the next week and the next year. Hoping for a raise, a break, or just a better life somehow. So again... I ask... is this really reality?

Now the "good" news. Monsanto is still cheating farmers and poisoning our food with eColi engineered soy and other vegetables. Our meat is filled with antibiotics and hormones. Health insurance won't cover any serious treatment that you may need. Yet you pay double what you did a few years ago. And mortgage companies that are trying every trick possible to get into your pocket and put you in chains. Then we have a choice: McCain or Obama. What a choice. An old cantankerous fart that can't decide on anything or an untested loud mouth that likes to hear himself holler. What a choice! Is this reality?

Or is reality something else? Is reality an alien invasion? Is reality a government that is treating us like a herd of cattle? MK Ultra, abductions and the like. Maybe it's some of all of this. I tend to believe that reality is something that none of us are really aware of. That when that day comes that our eyes are open, we will say to each other, that "I couldn't even have guessed!" The usage of other humans for profit and advantage is nothing new. It has just gotten a bit more slick and covert. How deep does the rabbit hole go? When will people start rebelling?

We've heard about covert plans by the government to round up people during a disaster. FEMA supposedly has the manpower and the means to do so. Maybe during a fake disaster, like an alien invasion. Then there's the folks that say that the government is in cahoots with the aliens, Eisenhower meeting with aliens on the tarmac at Edward's Air Base. And I just read a very convincing article by Martin Cannon called The Controllers (it's online, just google it), about the measures that the U.S. Governement has taken to control certain "citizens". Drugs, implants, and hypnotism.

Personally? I do believe in extra-terrestrials, alien abduction, under ground bases, I believe that the governement is in cahoots with aliens, and I believe that the government would stop at nothing to control certain people. It just cannot go on like this very much longer. That's why I also believe that there's a God above, A Creator that will soon step in and stop the cruelty and evil.

Is my reality mental illness? Am I really crazy? What ever that means (and by the way, it's my profession to diagnose others as crazy or not!), there are surely some realities out there that are not reality. But I must think that I am not one of those. I would love to hear your opinion. I am open to your ideas. Just don't make me eat the green wafers.


fodderbutwiser said...

I just finished Cannon's article after searching for "The Controllers" who are referenced as those who will decide how and when UFO disclosure will occur(per the vaunted UN disclosure meeting held recently).
Great article. Are the two "Controllers" above the same?
Given the chilling possibilities I might not be surprised.

tmg_founder said...

Again, I have to say... How deep does the rabbit hole go? In the post I said that we will be surprised when the truth of reality actually comes out. the conspiracy is larger tahn we could ever imagine. Thank you for your comment!

fodderbutwiser said...

Yup. I hear you!
I like my reality straight up, thanks, and I DO NOT enjoy the prospect of another "grand disclosure" only to find out that the stage is layered facade, and the audience is lobotomized.