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What Has Phobos Wrought

This post is dedicated to Kent Steadman and to his website Orbit.

October 25, 2007 was an amazing day in the annals of astronomy. "Comet" Holmes had exploded with such a gigantic force it seemed to defy all laws of physics that had hitherto been discovered. .......or so it seemed.

Subsequent analysis showed that things there were simpler than first realized. Instead of exotic explanations like black holes or novas(redefinition required?). A more conventional, albeit fantastic, explanation shows that "comet" Holmes is a planet of about 40,000 miles average diameter.

It has a super volcano(about 4 times the size of Olympus Mons on Mars) that erupted with such force it hurled a huge amount of magnesium containing materrial into space which formed a cloud of particles around the body.

This cloud expanded in size until it was 4 times the actual diameter of the sun. You can read the details of Holmes on previous posts of our blog. Kent Steadman's site Orbit has a much more extensive set of PHOTOS and BLOGS on this object we now call Holmes/Tiamat.

We owe much to Kent for calling attention to Holmes and its implications for us all. Throughout it all, we have been amazed at the various facts that have emerged about this body. It is now the largest object in the solar system and quite possibly the beginning of a new star. It rotates every 45 days as shown by the new outbursts. The sun rotates every 28 days by comparison. Its microwave and infrared emissions seem to be increasing slowly in power with occasionalxray outbursts in evidence. The visible magnitude seems stable even though it is receding from us. This suggests the periodic outbursts of the volcano are adding material to the atmosphere and strong magnetic field of the object and that its visible magnitude is increasing slowly as well.

Kent's site has published a wealth of information about the incredible events that have taken place just a short distance from us (relatively speaking)-in the asteroid belt of our solar system. While we have been greatly surprised by all of these things, still one more mystery tugged at our minds.

The body Tiamat occupied our major attention until we came up with a viable explanation for its true character. Now, our focus turned to the mystery object seen soon after the explosion on Tiamat. There were 2 photos of this thing, an asteroid-like body, moving away from "comet" Holmes/Tiamat. The size of the object made it difficult to interpret its speed and direction. what we realized was that it increased in size so rapidly that it's velocity was in the range of HUNDREDS OF MILES PER SECOND to account for this. In turn, this meant that the object was moving almost directly at us which seemed a very strange circumstance indeed.

Now we have an asteroid size body moving at solar wind speeds which suggested a technological means of propulsion since it was evident the object was not an asteroid. It seemed to be our old friend Phobos again since its the only thing we here at TMG know of that can move that fast. The color was the same as the object near the moon in our article "The Four Horsemen". A close look at the photos seems to show a squarish pattern which is also in the photo closeup of the same image in our paper above.

Now we have to ask-what was Phobos doing at Holmes/Tiamat? My biggest question concerning this body has been in the timing of the event(the explosion) and what started or triggered it? "Why now?" I have been asking myself. Phobos triggered this eruption but precisely how is somewhat in the realm of guesswork. However, we have a precedent for this eruption. Remember SL9 back in July, 1994? Those were also volcanic eruptions-see the article written by Alexy Demitriv which updates the SL9 paper we have on the site. Alexy, the Russian Physicist wrote of the events in which smaller asteroid size bodies(2 miles long) with high electrical charges that caused spectacular eruptions on Jupiter. Whether this occurs by design or by the natural order of things remains to be seen. We would suggest by design-see Phobos and the Sumatra Earthquake relationship.

Now we watch the weather more closely. Is it outside the box? Is it global warming? Other questions to ask:
1. Does the 500+ % increase in active volcanoes seem to account for this same warming?
2. What of the huge increase in numbers and magnitudes of earthquakes all over the planet in just the last 2 years-over and above the already higher numbers of such events since 1971?
3. What about the 10 minute constant light emanating from the lightning strikes that have been witnessed by some?
4. What about those huge hail and ice falls(1 ton in some cases)?
5. What about the sun without any sunspots as much as with a few during the past year?
6. While we are at it, can we fix the other planets as well as the earth since the same problems seem to afflict them also? The times and timing are strange.

And now, what has Phobos wrought?

Ray Ward

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