Friday, April 16, 2004

Harper's Velikovsky

IMHO, one of the most influential men or women of all time. I know that there were other catastrophists, but Velikovsky was at the right palce at the right time. The response to his ideas was violent and intentional. The reaction to him is typical of the culture that now exists in science. You're in or you're out. If you're not in, you don't publish, you don't get a fair hearing, and then sometime in the future, the status quo comes back on you, "re"discovering your ideas and then publishing them as their own. How do I personally deal with the bitterness and the anger? I have an understanding of the truth. I don't believe that there is much more time for those that oppress and attempt to manipulate the truth for their own gain. This day has been predicted for millennia. When you read the book that Velikovky's daughter recently wrote you will see the cruelty and anger that exists, where it is claimed that they are impartial and just. This just is not the case. He is one of my most admired heroes. And I do not know how he withstood the outright attack upon his person. A gunshot or a stab from a knife would've been easier to take. When I hear the name Carl Sagan, it's all that I can do to not wretch and curse. But there were others, this was not the campaign of just one man. It was a planned and mounted assault on an innocent man simply expressing truths that he discovered. I believe in a life here after. And I look forward to the day when I can shake his hand and say thank you, it was worth it all.

Please post your opinions. I look forward to reading them. And if you can pick up the book and read it you will gain some real insight to the torture that "they" put him through.

Thank you