Saturday, July 23, 2005

Shuttle Delay or What?

I have to ask some questions concerning the delayed shuttle blast off! Sure they're being safe. That makes sense. But are we getting the true reasons? I do not believe that the Columbia disaster was caused by a piece of foam. The images of an electrical charge hitting the ship were much more convincing than a piece of foam (Check out the link to Wal Thornhill's page - Holoscience). I know what many of you are saying: conspiracy nut! Conspiracy nut! However if there were never anyone that asked "What if?"... well, you get the picture. Let me run a nutty possibility past you. "What if..." all of the things that we have heard about UFO's are true? What if there was actually a crash of a UFO in the New Mexico desert? What if we really recovered bodies from the crash? What if the literally thousand of reports and images made have been real? What if only a fraction of them are real? I would encourage you to read a book by Richard Dolan on UFO's and the government coverup. The book was very well done, his research was impeccable, and the conclusions are undeniable. Have you wondered why our government has cut funding to earth based NASA research, and has rather put all of their(our) eggs in the space exploration basket? I propose that many of our top government folks know of the UFO threat. I further propose that certain factions of these aliens have threatened us to not continue with our space exploration program or else. Or else... the Columbia disaster. You get the picture I'm sure. I would imagine that they must look as though they're going to go through with the mission, at least to the U.S. citizenry that is watching quite close. Reality may be completely different than what we have been led to believe. It doesn't take all of NASA to work through a conspiracy like this. Just a few people in the front office. Of course I'm just a conspiracy nut! And I don't even believe that we went to the moon. What do you think?