Thursday, January 20, 2005

Earthquake/Tsunami/Machholz 2 Changes The Face of The Earth

The numbers of dead are now according to one report up over 280,000! Perhaps more remarkable than this, if possible, is the fact that the rift created by the 9.0+ earthquake was as wide as California and a thousand miles long! That's hard to conceptualize. Some reports state that the level of all of the world's oceans was lowered by 4 inches! In addition to these incredible claims, it has also been reported that the earth's rotational speed slowed by three seconds. If these claims are true, we truly live in an incredible day. We stand by the claim that this earthquake was a result of a close pass by a highly energetic comet.

And it's still acting out. Today marks a total of five X flares in so many days and today's X-flare is huge! That's more activity, in about a week, than occurred during the last so-called "solar max" that I recall. The sun's storming. It's like someone snapped the electrical rubberband between the comet and the sun. Hopefully we won't get in the way too much. I think that it may be impossible to escape. Hold on!

Here's number 5 X-Flare:

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