Sunday, August 07, 2005

What Is Your Belief? What Does The Future Hold For Mankind?

Today we posted an article concerning some things that we believe are happening in the space above us. We would really like to know your opinion. Do you think that we are reaching, or do you think that we aren't going far enough? Do you believe that UFO's even exist? If you do, how many different groups or should we say "species" exist? Are they organized? What about God? Does her exist and if you believe he does, does he have anything to do with these "visitations"? One of the areas that we have been very interested in is the degree to which our government is aware of all of this? Me, personally, I believe that when we finally know the entire truth, if ever, we will realize that we fell far short of the actual truth. That we are simply just now scratching the surface. So what do you think about all of this?

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Anonymous said...

Believe in God? Yes. I don't understand how anyone could NOT believe in God--look around at creation--this wasn't just 'evolution' happenstance.

All these storms, freak events, weird weather, earthquakes in Diver's places, active volcanoes all over the earth, and weird happenings (spontaneous fires from who-knows-where burning down parts of a village in Italy, UFO's abducting many, many people, weird lights in the sky, etc.)--this is "The End of Time". Even the popes of the Catholic Church admit that. We are about midway or more through the "Book of The Apocalypse" (Revelation).

Believe in UFO's? Sure. But I don't think they are what alot of folks think they are--ie: beings from another planet(s). No, they are fallen angels. Remember, lucifer is associated with light, and he is also prince of the air. And, hes a devious one--which is why the fallen angels are pretending to be "beings from another planet" come to "help" the people of Earth. Don't be fooled! These UFO "beings" are NOT who/what they say they are!

Look at UFO's down through history--what is happening now with UFOs is the same as with demonic activity back in the old days. The only difference is that the fallen angels update their deceptions with the times.

Its time to get right with God, folks--because no matter what you may believe--the end is coming/already here.

May God have mercy on us!