Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Comet Holmes

I have been doing some thinking on this matter and I realized that there is a contradiction here with this comet. I read about the Hale Bopp comet and the fact that this comet has a bigger coma of gas than HB did, gives me pause. The fragment that got ejected at about 15,000 mph or so, gives me pause. I think that we have a body that is at least 6400 miles in diameter-give or take 10 % of the diameter-and you know how Jim McCanney's theory mentions herding moons around Saturn. This is a body that is herding the asteroids around the sun even if it is at such a high inclination. That picture on Kent's site is not calving, it's just the body moving through the solar sheath at the edge of the solar system, just like HaleBopp. The main body, the "nucleus" in this case, has now come back together, just like Hale Bopp did in the subsequent three days after it passed through the sheath coming in a an odd inclination out past Jupiter. I don't know why the body would need a second outburst unless it passes through a second shield around the inner solar system. Perhaps HaleBopp did this too.

The gas and dust both continue to expand as far as I can find out. The gas cloud is expanding at 575 meters per second at the present time with the total outer coma now reaching 3.14 million miles in diameter with a size of 40arcminutes in our skies, which is physically bigger to us than the sun or the moon by 10 arc minutes. It continues to expand at 1.5 arc minutes per day. One thing bothers me about all of this and that is that the gas cloud seems to be slowing up now as if the pull of the nucleus is retarding its rate of speed. It had been measured by those in the know at 660 meters per second. This amounts to a significant drop in its velocity and hence might suggest a final size to all of this.

Here is another thing. The fragment that was cast off could simply be the result of the electrical interaction with the sheath as the "comet" passes through it. Here is the real problem. The minimum speed of the fragment is around 15,000 mph that I can up withball parking it. Others have calculated it at over 18,000 mph and in one place I recall it mentioned at 30,000 mph. This would mean the fragment is coming at us almost head on and that the body it came from is 8400 miles in diameter, give or take 10 % which could put it at 9240 miles in diameter at the high end. With the extreme darkening of the object-total surface is black with all the volcanic eruptions spilling out the basalt onto it and the clouds that keep out prying eyes. My point with all of this is that Tiamat is still with us and never left the solar system! It is there, herding all the asteroids around the sun, just like those sweeper moons around Saturn. It is collecting its parts again. When it does, then what? Hale Bopp may be another large part of us as it crossed our orbit on its way back out of the solar system. Who knows, maybe in a thousand years or so, these might coalesce back together again into the celestial sphere we knew as earth. Then Mars and Venus will take their rightful places again, above and below the earth. I don't know where the moon is in all of this. Maybe its just part of the earth also.

To summarize things here, we have Tiamat in the orbit of Holmes and well known throughout the ages because of its periodic outbursts. It used to be home, I guess, but now its only known as the king of terror in the skies. This is something that Nostradamus would know about because of its regularity of outbursts, roughly every 115 years or so, perhaps a little less through the ages as it changed its orbit after each outburst. It would not be visible due to its darkened face and its high orbit across the solar system. Is this also Niburu ? Could someone have survived on that body to bring problems to earth? This might have happened before the earth was in its final form of today and Adam was born. Could all of this have been when Adam was put out of the garden, then the planet was split up when Mars and Venus were taken away and contact with the heavens was broken physically. Could this be one of the secrets of the ages, thatTiamat is still here and close by. The ancients might have witnessed it being in close and with those thunderbolts, would have pinpointed it and perhaps kept track of it in its orbit. That knowledge might have survived through the ages and was kept hidden from the masses, that is until now. There might even be more of these sweeper moons around throughout the asteroid belt.

On November 21, when it occults Algol, will its size be made known? Or will its true size never be known because of some kind of interference? May God help us through these times and tribulations. Take care.
Raymond Ward

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Seven Star Hand said...


Following are excerpts from the prophecy I posted worldwide in April of 2006 and reposted on August 11th, 2007, which happens to be my birthday and during the Perseid meteor showers (cometary debris in Perseus...). Notice that Comet 17P (seventeen) Holmes is now in the constellation Perseus?

"Tearful pit dwellers, shaken mightily by the light, ascend from the abyss before a seventeen-star-filled wind."

"A bearded star roars so fiercely that the city upon seven lowly hills quakes grievously, wailing tearfully about shadowy serpentine dens and rocks. Scorched alive by stellar wind, they shamefully drink about double doubled horns afire, long hidden within the golden altar’s simple ark."

Here is Wisdom...