Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Global Warming - It's Getting Hotter & Hotter!

(Photo courtesy accuweather.com) It was nice to see our buddy Al Gore testifying last week in front of Congress on Global Warming. He was trying to keep the issue alive and was pressing for the U.S to be the world leader in fighting this dreaded future.

Unfortunately, they had to postpone his presentation one day due to the horrible weather in Washington. Apparently Global Warming hasn't hit the East Coast yet. In fact in 2008 theoverall temperature dropped one and a third degrees. But meanwhile Al speaks and all of the schools in D.C. are closed due to one of the most severe ice storms on record. Huh?

There are also reliable reports that glaciers and pole ice packs have stopped melting away at what was called "an alarming rate". Huh?

Oh sorry...the appropriate and politically correct term nowadays is
"Climate Change" no longer Global Warming. Even though there are those
that would defend the idea that global warming is the cause of all of
this cold weather. Poppy cock!

Good ole boy John Kerry (you remember him don't you?) in his opening statement introducing Al said:

"...all of us are still falling far short of what the science tells us must be done. A partnership led by the University of Pennsylvania, MIT, and The Heinz Center (Is this the same 'Heinz' as his wife?)recently aggregated the impact of all of these domestic policy proposals – including President Obama’s aggressive goal of 80% reductions by 2050. What they found was sobering: If every nation were to make good on its existing promises, we would still see atmospheric carbon dioxide levels well above 600 parts per million—50% above where we are now. This translates into global temperatures at least 4 degrees Celsius abovepre-industrial levels. No one disputes that this would be catastrophic."

Crap! I guess he didn't get the briefing on the latest numbers! Then he said:
"Frankly, the science is screaming at us. Right now, the most critical trends and facts point in the wrong direction. CO2 emissions grew at a rate four times faster during the Bush Administration than they did in the 1990s."

Ok...Then why did the temperature go down. I guess John can't let go of those losing election results a few yeras ago.

I guess if I were Al, and if I didn't have any scruples, I would have to put my energy into the fight too. After all he's made a pretty good buck at crying that the sky is falling. He states:
"We are here today to talk about how we as Americans and how the United States of America as part of the global community should address the dangerous and growing threat of the climate crisis. We have arrived at a moment of decision. Our home – Earth – is in grave danger."

But what crisis Al? Grave danger? An interesting way to put it, "Our Home - Earth". Who has he been talking to? I'm more frightened of politicians than just about anything else. History surely proves that idea out doesn't it? Global Warming or Climate Crisis... what ever you're calling it this week, is just another phrase for how can we separate the citizen from his hard earned dollar? Guess who footed the bill for this big who-hah meeting in Washington? Guess who's paying for the plane tickets to Copenhagen and for the hotels and the fine dining with those fancy deserts and the side trips???? You know who. Do you think that this current economical problem was created by Joe Citizen? Not at all, it was created by these same politicians who think that they know everything. But who's paying every day for the right to live free and do the things that you want to do? It ain't Al or John. That's for hell sure. You think taxes are high now? Wait until Arnold Schwartzawho gets his way. You know how direct deposit works don't you?

All that'll be missing are the shackles. How stupid are we if we believe all of this bullshit?
(read the hot air HERE)


Anonymous said...

But it's been warmer in other parts of the northern hemisphere, and if you think winter was abnormally cold, wait for summer to arrive.

Don't believe the neocon bull of "no global warming, big business is good and government is bad, free markets exist, and money is merely printed by government." The truth is that global warming denialism is being funded by the same big business that controls the "free" market, makes government work in its favor, and creates much of the money supply through credit extended by private banks.

And if you think the money wasted by government through bailouts, etc., is high, wait till you see what's coming courtesy of the derivatives market.

madame karnak said...

I have been all over the web looking for all kinds of information about global warming and other phenomenon because I knew that we weren't being told the truth. TMGnow is one of the few places other than a site in Spain that I have to translate..where I can get good information.

Please drop me an email. I would like to send you a couple of links that I don't want to post on the web.

I would like to know if you and your cohorts are going to start writing. I have a feeling that something big is happening and nobody is prepared for whatever it is.


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