Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Russian Meteor Impact Recap

The power and energy exhibited by the recent meteor impact in Russia was incredible. And it amazes me how many people don't know about it or are just ignoring it. Same old story, different day eh?

Space.com points out some interesting issues that we really need to consider.

"Piecing together the true nature of the meteor that detonated over Russia would benefit by observations likely gleaned by U.S. military spacecraft.

But for several years, that data has been stamped classified and not made available to the scientific community that study near-Earth objects (NEOs) and any potential hazard to Earth from these celestial interlopers."

Apparently our military knew about the impending impact, but to the common man's knowledge no warning was given, Russian or American. The injured number is up over 1500 now! 46 have been hospitalized! 4000 buildings damaged, The damage assessment is still being added up, but is likely to go higher than millions of dollars. The explosion was said to be equal to 30X the strength of the Hiroshima blast! About 6/10's of a one megaton blast!

One NASA official on FOX News said that it exploded because it hit the atmosphere. WRONG! You've surely seen the videos. The FOUR explosions that occurred happened after it was well in the atmosphere. In the videos you can clearly see an electrical discharge between the meteor and the surface of the Earth. This is what exploded the meteor.

The meteor was 55 feet across and weighed 10,000 tons! It was reported to be traveling at 40,000 miles per hour! This was a huge event and it seems to have already slipped into history.

FYI... There have now been seen bolides in Florida, over San Francisco and Northern Arizona. We have another comet circling the sun as this is being written. And remember... There have been major recent earthquakes recently. Just last month over a dozen or more over 6.0 and one 8.0. The east coast is still suffering from the hurricane Sandy. And that's just a few of the natural disasters. I won't even begin to broach the political and cultural issues.

So the military doesn't seem to care... Most of the population doesn't care or interested... I have one question.... AT WHAT POINT WILL PEOPLE STAND UP AND TAKE NOTICE?

You know of course (before you chime in), that is a rhetorical question! They won't care or show any interest until they are affected personally. People on the East Coast have to fight the insurance companies, the government for disaster relief, and can you imagine what the folks in Russia must go through? I saw lines and lines of people with bloody temporary bandages waiting at clinics in the area.

I care for the people suffering, but more than this, I am concerned about the raging apathy. The government denies, denies and denies. And people go scurrying off to jobs that barely pay their survival. Morality, compassion and courtesy are history.

I guess the Bible isn't much off after all.

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Anonymous said...

It is possible the people were saved by some means, as when it would hit the ground, the destruction would be terrible. Seen this video? https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WaQIPBqoQ-Q