Thursday, May 01, 2014

How Much Longer

As we've watched those that watch (solar astronomers, astronomers, geologists, etc.), it has been pretty apparent that measures they use have needed, shall we say a little "tweaking"? Scales have needed to have the upper limits raised, explanations of different events have needed to be expanded, on and on. So it must occur to everyone... Why? 

Isn't it soooo obvious? Everything is in commotion! Things are ratcheting up as my buddy Ray says! My friends, we live in incredible times. Big meteor strikes, big storms and storm fronts, more destructive tornados, hurricanes and more/bigger earthquakes. I remember when we first started TMG back in late '94 we would see maybe three or four 6.0 earthquakes per year. Now it's 6.0+ every week! 
Solar activity is at times more than breathtaking. Are we (Earth) traveling thru a more energetic area of the Milky Way? There are lots of ideas and explanations out there. 
What do you think? 

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