Tuesday, September 13, 2005

L.A. Electrical Outage and Ophelia

I cannot believe that one individual mistake can cause the outage of 2 million customers. If that were the case then the electrical grid would never stay up. In view of the fact that there was an X20 flare on the sun followed by at least 6 X flares in 2 days, this explanation of the power hit in Los Angeles is ludicrous.

I am doing extra study on our present topic but right now the hurricane Ophelia really worries me. It is almost on shore and the mandatory evacuations have not yet begun. At least most of the tourists are out of there. The eye of this storm is so huge-perhaps 75 to 100 miles across. I saw the north end start to go into the red on the radar cross-section of the storm. I am not sure what will happen but the area of the storm's eye is an indication of the intensity of the storm. It might well be worst than Katrina in terms of rainfall, and perhaps storm surge. I am just not sure how this is going to workout. If you assume the eye of Katrina was at least 50 miles across,then Ophelia would be at least 4 times the energy dump into the coastline than the other storm was capable of. I am guessing that Ophelia's eye is about 100 miles across and the ratio of the areas will dictate the amount of the energy dump,provided there are no other large energy drains happening such as a 7 or 8 magnitude earthquake for instance. I did notice that Ophelia did slow down in intensification when that 7.7 earthquake happened the other day in Papua,New Guineau.

Another thing that worries me about this storm is the direction that it is heading. I feel that if the storm were less intense, say with a much smaller eye and just an ordinary hurricane, I suspect that it would have long since have turned toward the northeast and be on a fast track out of the states. But, because the earth's magnetic forces are coming more into play in "ordinary weather", forces up to 10 times normal may be the new norm. This simply means that the storm may continue to be drawn further inland than would usually be expected of such a "low intensity" storm and cause far more damage than usual in such a situation. It just may be that the more rapid change in the location of the earth's magnetic north pole may be changing the direction and pull on the this particular storm, perhaps exerting a much greater force due to the magnetic hysterisis of such entities, much like that of a crystal. I wonder if this jerking motion on the storm(due to increased forces) could be responsible for some of the wobbling motion of this hurricane. I have also noticed the "squaring off" of a few hurricane eyes lately and if the crust can be affected with a jerk causing a large 9+ earthquake in Sumatra and an axis of rotation change for the whole world back in December, then certainly the forces exerted on a hurricane could cause much more change in direction and velocity of that entity or retardation of same in its motion (gases are affected much more than solids or liquids by more than 1000 times).

It also does not help for all those X flares to be so close in time to one another and for one to realize that they could also add to the hurricanes force with the collection of more water at 11 miles up where the charges are greater. This could add to the misery below the storm. There could be a significant amplification factor involved here, that is, of the strength of the storm as the charges brought in from space are much greater than down below say at the tropospheric levels(10,000 feet).

Now comes word from the The Weather Channel that the storm surge of this storm will coincide with the normal high tide to make matters worst. This just might become another worst case scenario for that part of the coastline of the U.S.
Ray Ward
Addendum:9.13.05 8p.m. We have just had THREE more X-Flares this evening! Haven't seen this many X-Flares at one time over the past few days - ever!

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knowOneofConsequence said...

Dear Sir, is there anyone studiing the advent of 'chemtrails', and the increase of solar activity, also as this coincides with the advent of High Definition broadcasting, which presumably 'shields' the bradcast from solar activity.
Effectively mutating the masses, unaware. i use the term 'mutate' as any biological entity exposed to radiation, (of spurrious energies) ALWAYS mutates in SOME fashion