Monday, September 12, 2005

Still Peddling Foolishness!

Another "discovery" by our friends over at Uniformitarian U is another proof that they're still clutching at strawdogs. Here's the byline:

"An ancient, near-death star with a disc of metal-rich dust orbiting around it has recently been discovered by astronomers. The dust's origin is a mystery, though, as it should have been sucked into the star within a few hundred years of the star's death.
Even though this anomaly is about 82 light-years away and several billion years old, astronomers think it could provide a preview of our solar system's future when the Sun dies five to six billion years from now.
Once the fuel ran out, the star lost plenty of mass and heat, and shriveled into a white dwarf – the final stage of star evolution where the star burns out and dies. Enough heat gets released during this process to vaporize any surrounding dust, rocks, and planets, leaving behind a disc of dust. This dust usually gets sucked into the newly formed white dwarf and incinerated within a few hundred years.
But when GD 362 went through this process five billion years ago, the dust never cleared up. And astronomers don't know how a dead star roughly the size of Earth has been able to sustain a disc the size of Saturn's rings for so long."

Are we the only one's getting this???? There's another force in the universe that is greater than gravity! And while we're at it - Maybe they could tell me again the makeup of stars or how stars/suns actually work? It's our belief that suns are not powered from within. But that's just like all of the other ideas that we have over here at TMG. The status quo, that is Dr. Uniformitarian, keeps telling himself that he's right, until eventually he comes out with a NEW DISCOVERY! Well that "new discovery" as new discoveries go, is actually an old thought from an incredible person like Immanuel Velikovsky, Tesla, Alfven, and Shulgin. But they're only crackpots.

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