Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"To The Moon Alice, To The Moon!"

Alright, here we go again! Nasa announced yesterday that we will go to the moon... again. They say that preparations will take until 2018. If my math still works, that's 13 years. Here's the question - Why will it take 13 years now, when preparation only took 9 years when President Kennedy announced the moonshot back in the sixties????? Our technology has taken leaps and bounds since the sixties. Well I'm sorry, I don't believe we ever went to the moon in the first place. And the other significant issue - this is going to take billions according to NASA. Actually hundreds of billions! How many more bounced checks are we going to write? I don't know about you, but I could use some tax relief. Is this another ploy to bring the country together? You know, American pride? I think I can figure out a few different ways to spend $104 billion dollars. Perhaps that money will be spent on a better "Hollywood production" this time.


Arkan said...

Indeed, you have place the right question. What's next then? Ask as many americans if they are in agreement with the project. All done with a purpose to divert, divert and divert again the attention to vanalities such that of going to the moon.

I would make a better suggestion. Instead of expending the time and effort to visit the moon, why not take it with Mars? At least exploit the ferrous materials the planet has and possibly colonize it and learn how to leave this planet if necessary. After all, the noman projects have given us some important knowledge about it, and if we are determined, surely we can prevail.

Albeit the outcome of either choice, we should be placing closed attention to a more important issue, as to the total anihilation scenario if a gamma ray wave come across this part of the galaxy.( I have a good reason to this, but will not disclosed here). LaViolette's work in the subject is one important factor to consider, and it should be done "pronto". Humanity is on the verge of big changes, beginning with the phisical followed with the emotional planetary body. There will be no place to hide from it. The paradigm switch technic will be a resourceful tool to avoid madness and self reliance as complement would be a very handy prescription to the common "crush" of reality we will be experiencing sooner rather than later. This very subjective statement now, will become an objective reasoning in the months to come. I saw a lot of pain and suffering, a great sorrow as has not happened before, still many would not accept it. That is the size of the paradox we are getting into now.

Anonymous said...

You don't think we ever made it to the moon? You think all that was staged?

Anonymous said...

yep it was, i'm absolutely sure about it. better believe it, son!